Back to the Uni after 20 years need advice

dogbowl Wrote:
> I’m also 44 and I got back into it after a 30(!) year hiatis. One of the
> best things I’ve ever done, getting back onto the unicycle…
> I purchased the Nimbus Muni also–I totally love it! But, I did get the
> 26 inch instead of the 24 inch (I’m 6’3"–I thought taller people would
> need a bigger wheel–wrong!) Before I got the 26er, everyone I knew who
> rode told me that it would be harder to re-learn on a bigger wheel, and
> that a 24 inch would be better. Well, I didn’t listen, and here I am
> months later, riding as well as I want, but still trying to get
> freemounting down. I often think that if I got the 24 inch, my
> freemounting would not be an issue. Still, the 26 is a nice smooth
> cruising ride…
> I too would suggest the 24 inch Nimbus Muni. Also, you might consider
> getting a Hookworm tire to have in addition to the Duro Leopard that
> comes with the Nimbus–I switch them back and fourth sometimes because
> one can accomplish something on one tire, then switch, and the change
> of
> perspective helps to progress in another way–I’m always switching them
> back and forth, and it has helped my riding a lot.
> Cheers, have fun!
> Steve
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> a cigar at the same time. Is that too much to ask for?
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Thanks guys I got the Nimbus 24. I love it. Am riding pretty strong.
But this hill climbing thing. Balance isn’t the problem. It take
tremendous effort to make hills that don’t seem too big. Maybe I need
the 170 cranks or maybe my legs are just not strong enough. Any
thoughts on crank length?


for intro muni, 170mm cranks are great, lots of torque, up/downhill power

once you get comfortable at muni, you will see that 170mm cranks (unless you have very long legs) will bug your knees, and keep you from being as effecient as you can during MUni.

on the flats, 170mm cranks SUCK! you go sooooooo slow

Your legs just need a bit of conditioning for the hills. And the only way to do that is to continue doing the hills!

Don’t fret though, it does not take long before you can take those hills and not even be out of breath (let alone be sore or exhausted from it)

Just keep at it!

Another suggestion on making it up those hills easier, is to work on applying pressure to the pedals throughout the full stroke. The similar motion that you would get riding a b*** with toe clips.

You will get up the hills faster with less pain.

I just started doing this recently and am amazed at how much of a difference that it is making or me.