back protection recommendations?

As I’m starting to push my maneuvering envelope a little more lately, iI seem to be having more backwards UPDs. While unpleasant, the acute pain isn’t that much of a problem, since it goes away quickly.


I’ve screwed up my upper back twice now :(. I’m looking for something that might:

  • stretch out the deceleration pulse just a skosh, or
  • spread out the area of contact, or
  • keep my vertabrae out of contact with the pavement
  • keep things from moving around so much under impact
or some combination.

I don’t really want to make a habit of backward UPDs, but i think i might be a little more relaxed about the possibility, and hence more comfortable pushing my envelope if i had some confidence that my next one won’t have me lurching around like Quasimodo for two or three days.

Opinions and advice appreciated. One thought i had was that i could use one of my PFDs from my kayaking as a sort of padding, but i confess to being just vain enough to fear that i’ll look like even more of a dork than i do now. :smiley:

As a related aside, i picked up a pair of army jump boots yesterday, for ankle support. Hopefully they’ll help with that stuff.

Today is a lunch ride day – woohoo!


It’s kind of steep but there is the:SixSixOne Spine

A partially filled hydration pack can actually work.

its all about the kitty litter pad.

You can stuff a section from a camping pad (sleeping pad) down the back of your pants and under your shirt. That’s the George Peck style (you’ll have to watch Rough Terrain Unicycling to get the reference).

Elbow pads are also good to have when doing a UPD flat on to your back.

There are also padded crash shorts like these. There’s several different brands of similar padded shorts. Something with foam that covers the tailbone would be the thing to get.

EXcellent suggestions! these are precisely the kinds of things i was trying to imagine.



put some elbow pads and gloves on and whenever you fall slap your hands on the floor. saved my back every time and you wont feel like your going into battle.

although sso could work on rails…

hasnt anybody watched george pecks mountain unicycling video on universe 2? HE teaches you what to use for back protection and also how to make one:D

yep, thats why theres aready two references to it :roll_eyes:

oh …um…yeah…

Damnit… you beat me to it!

That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title.

I have been riding with my kidney belt from my motorcycle. I forgot it today, and really wish I would have had it. Between that and a hydration pack, its pretty nice. The kidney belt is velcro with a plastic back support and can be purchased at any motorcycle shop. I give it “all thumbs up!”

Re: back protection recommendations?

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 02:14:33 -0600, “john_childs”
<> wrote:

>Something with foam that
>covers the tailbone would be the thing to get.

Note that you need VERY stiff foam, something like the shock absorbing
foam in a helmet. Otherwise it would compress too easily and still
transmit the impact.

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