back problems

hey all, I have a freind who just started to unicycle, and he says when he is riding his lower back hurts. I have never heard of this but im sure someone in here does. Let me know how to fix this so I can let him know! thanks

I think this is normal. You use muscles in your lower back when you ride that you don’t normally use. Ever seen a unicyclist riding with bad posture? Riding practically forces you to ride with your back STRAIGHT. Most people aren’t used to this. After a while he’ll get more strength in his back and it won’t bother him.

That is my 2 cents.

i got a friend who has back problems.
he doesn’t own a uni but he rides mine and some other friendssometimes. he can go about 10 revs

Anyway he told his physiotherapist and the physio actually recommended unicycling because it strengthens back muscles

dont know how the physio would have known this

Closet unicyclist?

I used to get major back pains when I rode after just a few minutes. Over time the pain started to go away. Now I only notice it after a few miles. I also found that a wearing a CamelBak when I rode distance helped as well. I think had kind of a back brace effect for me.

So remember kids: If your back hurts when you ride, ride some more.