back probblems

hey i hit my mile milestone today and i noticed somthing by the end my back hurt, alot also i had to “reajust” myself alot any way of solving these problems and the back thing isnt osteoperosis or anything im 13 years old and 1 day




Sounds like you are Arching your back alot. So your no-no’s are sliding under your weight :astonished: and your back is getting some extra strain. Leaning forward is good but arching is not, and can really hurt your back, so push your hips forward and your No-no’s up with them, and that should solve the problem. Just make sure you aren’t arching, no matter how tempting it may seem.

Yeah…and quit readjusting yourself, the make Chiropractors for that

I think he was speaking as in reaadjusting his danger zone so his no-no’s wouldnt get sqooshed. But if you have found a chiropractor that will readjust your buddies, man sweet buisiness!

The “uniist formerly known as Sofa” had a good line, but this really cracked me up.:smiley:

Right. As your mom might say, sit up straight! For regular riding, your back should be relatively straight up. Is your seat set at a proper height, or are your legs very bent all the time? They should come close to being straight when the pedal is at the bottom (unless you’re doing heavy MUni or Trials).

To cut down on adjusting yourself, get some bike shorts. That’s one of many advantages to wearing them.