back pedaler

I got this new unicycle from Tom Miller in February. Its the best unicyle ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

I finally got around to uploading some pictures he sent me (a bit more recently)… they were hard copies so some clarity is lost.

BTW I should be posting some new pictures of a 46" ultimate wheel (really the ultimate!) and a coker tricycle (really obsurd!) at the Unicycle Factory web site. Hmm if only my wife would let me buy more toys… :wink:


I still prefer the ones that go forward, but it’s great to see Tom is still making unique unicycles. And his “CAD” drawings haven’t changed since back when he made my first Big Wheel in 1982! Congratulations on mastering the thing.

I saw a similar design, from Japan, back in the 80s. Got film pictures somewhere but I don’t remember where/when this was. Maybe at Unicon III in Tokyo…

Ride perfectly straight… or Severe Crotch Damage could result! :astonished:

Hey, is that 46" a wooden wagon wheel? I saw Tom ride something like that way back in 1980 or 81. I wonder if it’s the same one! I thought it was somebody’s wagon Big Wheel with the frame taken off…

Thanks John!

Yeah if you locate pictures on another reverse pedaler let me know.

I have to admit I like other unicycles too… but if I am not going anywhere… this is the one I prefer.

No this is a new modern looking ultimate wheel, not the wagon wheel. Tom had a uncontrolled dismount on the wagon wheel once… he said it wasn’t pleasant.

Check out
Marty A’s UW.

Also check out Bob S.'s tricycle

Beautiful work as always.


Nice work!
Is there a video from this special unicycles?

Sorry no videos for last 2.

You can get to a video of me riding back pedaler at the top of this site. This is from March where I had it a week or so… I have gotten better. :slight_smile: