Back pain

I’m starting to do bigger static hops down ledges right now(2’ 7") to be exact. WOHO! But I’m having a problem when I land, a shot of pain goes through my back like my spine is crunching together. Now I think it’s the way I’m landing, so if there’s any tips on landing form that would be great. I’m rolling away right when I land and I’m absorbing with my legs, what else should I do?

Maybe you just have back problems? If something causes pain to your back, don’t do it(or much at least). Check it out with a doctor or a chiropractor?

When I land drops, I keep my torso relaxed, so that it keeps travelling down after the uni hits the ground. Don’t lock it. That way you slow down gradually and the impact is much less.

I’m not sure how high 2’7" is, my technique works fine for 1m drops SIF.

Alright I’ll give that a shot, the drop is almost a meter so I’ll try that. But no way am I going to the doctor, and have him tell me I can’t ride. Yeah right.

…yeah, better to wait til you can only ride 4 wheels instead of one… :frowning:

You want to start riding immediately when you land…jump forward as far out from the drop as you can, so your lateral energy will be translated into forward motion.
So yeah, basically just roll out of your drops.