Back pain! HELP!!!

i have been doing more trails lately i do si because i havent learnt sif yet, but after some time my lower right back hurts, i soars so much i have to stop and walk it of and if i unicycle the pain goes on all day long by normal movement!!

someone can help me please!! i have researched in the forum but i did not find anything!!!

if someone knows anything i would be gratefull!

When I got back pain like 2 months ago all I did was just relax and not unicycle until the pain had completely gone away :D. I have not had back pain since (Y).

That really sounds like sacroiliac joint pain; give it a rest for 3-5 days, keep moving around those days, just no ballistic movements. If it doesn’t go away, you may need to go see a chiropractor, osteopath or physical therapist that does joint mobilizations and have it mobilized; it may have locked up on you. Chances are, it’s just inflamed and you need to give it a rest.

Take two Ibuprofen and take a day or two (tops) off…

I’m guessing you use your right hand to hold the seat. If this is the case, then you’re just overusing the muscles. Take some time off, then try shorter sessions with at least a 1 day break in between. The muscles will get a chance to build up this way.

Of course, this could be complete crap (as with any medical advice given over the 'net). So see a specialist if its really bad or if it continues.

i injured my lower back trying to freemount. I stopped trying to freemount for a while and only rode my unicycle on smooth surfaces. That definitely helped. It took about two weeks for the pain to go away.

Mike Adams

You guys have back problems from riding? I ride to correct them xD
All that leaning over my laptop on my nightstand because I won’t have a desk, or proper seat puts a number on my lower back. When I get too stiff, I just go out and ride for a little, loosens me right up.

This is what got me into unicycling, it helped immensely with the last few stages of rehab for chronic low back pain. The only time I ever have trouble is when is overdo it or have bad form. What happens is similar to what the OP described. If I take a rest from unicycling (I’ll still workout or go to Brazilian jiu jitsu classes, just no unicycling) or sometimes, just switch up my uni style (from muni to road or trials to road), it goes away in 2-3 days. I never take ibuprofen but that would help too if there is an inflammatory component to it… I just forget to take it :slight_smile:

Since I’ve started to ride, I haven’t had more than 3-4 days in a row where I was sore, and nothing like I used to have :slight_smile:


thank you all im gonna take the pills, and rest my soar for some days and do somo short sessions!!! i hope it helps and i do use my right hand for holding the seat!

thanks all for answering in such a short time!!!