Back on the wheel

oldfatboy got on the wheel today!!! :slight_smile:
It wasn’t a good winter with several physical problems and other things, but I finally got the 20" LX out today and found out I could still ride (a little).
Just went back and forth on the sidewalk, but got a couple hundred yards on it any way.
My hands are so bad, I don’t know that I will be able to ride my bike anymore, but I still have my uni’s.
I sat just about the whole winter, so my legs turned to rubber real fast, which is what I expected. So, I took it slow and easy. No since doing something stupid, and for me at my age, is easy to do :wink:
Just had to share the good news.

Welcome Back!

As you get better the after winter difficulty gets less - I broke my arm last spring (NO cycling for much too long) and still can’t do 20 miles although last year I could BBA (before broken arm). Being in better shape in the fall results in better shape in the spring, although the urge to cycle gets much worse in Feb. :astonished:

This is such an ‘old guy’ thread. I’m beginning to wonder if we need our own forum? It’s easy to tell which age bracket is discussing a certain topic. I can almost always assume that the thread topics like, “Need help on triple crank flip with 720 unispin” are being discussed by the 15 to 25 crowd and the “I broke my spleen while trying to idle” threads are being discussed by the 45+ crowd. I’m more likely to participate in the ‘broken spleen’ threads (notice my age). Anyway, I know how much longer it takes us to heal at a slightly advanced age from seemingly minor injuries. I had a seriously sprained ankle that kept me off for at least a month this winter (hopping in my driveway on the 29er). When I was in my 20s it woulda been a few days.

Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re back on the uni. I was very fortunate this year in that we had a very mild winter and I was able to ride through most of it. I have every intention of riding into my 60s and hopefully even 70s. I keep hearing rumors of even some 80+ers out there.

What do us 26-44’ers get to talk about then? :slight_smile:

How nice it is to be in your “prime of life”? :slight_smile:

After being on the uni for a while, I walked to the bank to make a very small deposit (one check was under 2 dollars!). I went to the counter, pulled out the checkbook to grab a deposit slip, and the reached into my inside shirt pocket to get the 2 checks. No checks! Went back home and found them where I laid them down to put on a outer shirt :frowning:

Moral of story: enjoy your youth and memory while you have them. They don’t last forever.

amazing, your all my heros of the day, i hope when im older i can still ride, or ill kill myself

I do stupid things all the time. Look at my age. Go figure.

Congratulations on getting back on. I hope your endurance and riding skills continue to improve. Your attitude clearly is in top form.

Speaking of older and younger unicyclist, some rambling thoughts,

We had a company outing down near the Hudson river last week. Not being the social butterfly, I had a beer and went for a walk along the river. Down by the river, I came to where the city has built a skateboard park.

I had a chance to watch a bunch of teenagers practicing their skateboard skills. Since a group of unicyclist is never seen in my town, I related the skateboarders to people practicing on unicycles. These guys are serious and were working hard. Each taking there turn to take a shot on the circuit, to develop a new skill. Progress is obviously slow and tedious for those guys.

Anyway, I’m babbling on and on to get the point, that those kids work hard to hone their skills. Sure, I once knew this, but have often forgotten. Feeling discouraged at times that my older bones seem slow to cooperate for new skills. Those video’s posted on this forum, with those fascinating hops, spins, crank flips, and other skills always leave me in awe and many times thinking those skills are impossible at my age, that if only I had worked on those skills when I was younger. It was good for my ego to see those guys on skateboards working hard and struggling to develop their skills. It reminds me that new skills don’t come easy, even for those younger folks, certainly not to most.

And I know I have a keener desire to avoid pain and suffering than the younger folk. That slows my progress since I keep falls not to my feet to a few per year. Nor have I ever been a power house of skill in any particularly activity, so it’s just not my style to be particularly athletic. The beauty of unicycling is that due to the low population of unicyclist, I have a skill that is extraordinary without developing world class skills.

A ‘tip of the old helmet’ to those young and old to who have worked long and hard to develop those fine and awesome skills. I’d only ask that when you ride, ride safely.

Welcome back ofb.


Re: Back on the wheel

On Fri, 17 Mar 2006 11:08:16 -0600, bmemike wrote:

>What do us 26-44’ers get to talk about then? :slight_smile:

I broke my spleen while trying a triple crank flip with 720 unispin.

I was able to get a couple days of riding in and then it snowed/rained for 4 days and I wasn’t about to go out in that! Some of you would understand my reasoning :wink:
Now that it is clear, I have to fly out of state for about a week. Hopefully, when I return, things will again calm down and I can get back on the wheel, get in shape, and start having some fun. Unicycling is all I have left since the arthritis in my hands is getting so bad that riding my training wheel is about out of the question any more.
You all have fun.
Cathwood, keep it up…you’re an inspiration to me!