Back on my 36er

Had a UPD on my 36er last November and messed up my knee pretty good. Surgery in December and lots of rehab. Couldn’t wait any longer to try riding my big big wheel. Had a little fear to overcome. But all is good and the knee felt ok. Now begins the training for Seattle to Portland in July of 2014. The goal is alive. I love riding that thing.

Glad to hear you are back and the knee is feeling better! Hope everything gets better from here on.

It’s a great thing to feel normal again after a long injury. It feels like it might never happen when you’re stuck on the couch. I’m glad you’re better.

Bellingham Muni Weekend, June 7, 8, & 9, 2013?

We hope you come and join the fun. We have some great riding you could enjoy! We’ll be easy on you!



I think I might try to get up there for some of the Saturday morning rides. My muni riding skills are next to zero but this may be a good chance to give it a shot. I have a nice DM engineering 24" muni that I have been using as my urban assault vehicle on my morning commute through Seattle while the knee has been getting ready for the 36er again. Might be time to get it muddy. I look forward to seeing you again, as you were the guy that sparked the idea that I could go far and climb high on a 36er. Be a good chance to say “Hey”.


See you on Saturday!


It’s good to hear people getting back to riding after an injury. I broke my heel a month ago and can’t walk on it till the end of june. I wish mine was in the winter too!