back it up

the combos are may be ahrd to do, but it’s interesting combos to watch at all… it’s pretty boring

Crazy combos!

it’s pretty boring? :thinking:

Sorry, your highness, if we’re are not properly entertaining you. :roll_eyes:

Nice skills milchschnitte16! :sunglasses:

i’m just saying what i think, if people don’t like what i write i don’t care…
i prefer to say what i think rather than saying that it’s good like everybody else here!
i didn’t say that the combo wasn’t hard to do or anything… i’m pretty sure that personnaly i couldn’t do it myself and what? i just say it’s boring to watch, in my opinion, that’s all

i agree with bob when the combo´s just some tricks that don´t fit together in my opinion so it gets boring to watch if the combos is long too even if its hard to do