**!Back It Up TRIAL intermediate!**

I’ve opened a new thread for intermediate trial riders:) So , who wants to start it?:smiley:

I might be up for this :roll_eyes:

I might be in…I’ll see how good you guys are:D

i’m in :wink:

yea im in .


What is considered intermediate?

yeah, how am i supposed to know what level of trials I am ?

and also, we would need some pallets for this wouldnt we …

Get Out and back up trials expert which hasnt been continued in a long time.

okay who wants to start it?:slight_smile:

what does intermidiate include what jump height, side hop???
but im in

I think 4 euro pallets static sidehop(60cm) , 5 euro pallets with prehop and 1,60 gap is intermediate.:slight_smile:

k, im only just scraping in .

im in. ill start.

1 rev on skinny -> 4.5 foot forward gap.

any takers?

yep i will .

upolading now… mines easy cause im sik so shouldnt be hard to bak up :stuck_out_tongue: .

Adobe failed!!!

if it doesnt work its still processing .

Learn to edit your posts.Its not necessary to send a post for every sentence