Back it up roll

I saw this thread in the french forum and thought it would be a nice idea to have one in this forum.
the rules are the same like a normal bai just with rolls , spins are allowed in combos too.
here ist mine

Nice I guess I’ll back this up later, unless someone beats me to it:)


Maybe I’ll back that up… you are so lucky that you can unicycle in your room

yes but i often fall on a desk or something like that and than it break :smiley:

i filmed it
it’s uploading

here is it:

you will get it. It’s very easy

but you once did an inward varielroll :thinking:

fucking foot change ^^

i will try it if the weather will become better
i´m very near at varial rolls maybe i get the combo but i´m not sure
so if somebody else will do it

i can´t go on i don´t get the foot change

I’ll give it a shot, but it looks hard:o

it`s not that difficult :wink:

I find it extremely hard. I almost had it, though…:o

backroll 360 is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

no way, dude. not nearly as hard as this thing

edit: it’s your stance

i know :wink:
don`t know if i should do them blind or change hands both i nearly land both ways :roll_eyes:

Lol they’re hella fun once you get them.

so are 360 side backrolls:)

thank you both :smiley: you animated me to go out and learn backroll 180.
is backroll 360 much harder than backroll 180?