Back it up - Medium

Well i guess nobody felt like taking the time to find that thread. Instead they just made a new one.

Or they didnt know there was one going on already

what’s the trick now?

out backflip

does anyone wants to go on? if not then i want to try it

i can´t go on i don´t get the trick

i’ll do it

and what do you want to add?

Pat has my clips but he won’t edit them:o He’s had them for like 2 weeks now.

oh :smiley:
maybe pat could hurry a bit :stuck_out_tongue:
but can´t you edit by yourself now?

Yeah haha, but he has the clips :roll_eyes: When he sees this he will edit them, I’m sure.


I added a blind 3 spin;)

i will try this i was very close last week
but thenb i stopped trying

umm I dont have them anymore…we can just film them again

added blind 3 spin :slight_smile:

i don´t think i get this i will try it a view times but somebody else can go on

sry that i took so much time but i filmed it now i will go on today

I’m gonna back up Matti’s clip. And if I can’t … Eli is going to cover me :wink:

Matti, where is the clip? I wanna back it up!

but it´s still converting the trick is 270/180/270 :wink:

with or without hops