Back it up - Medium

i think the rules are clear :smiley: but if not
person a: makes 360 sidespin
person b: makes a 360 sidespin and a 5 spin
person c:makes a 5 spin and another trick

720s arent medium right

I’m so in.

I’ll play

i play

no i will upload the clip soon it´s a 270 with seat in back to 90;)
here it is

you don’t make tricks^^
youi do them;)

Ill back it up

for the next time i know it :stuck_out_tongue:

what trick did you add


im in! dont wanna back that up lol, i cant do outbacks

Trick is Full outflip

i can´t go on i´m bad in flip tricks

but this is an other thread so the trick is outback

I understand that. But why make another thread when this game already exists in a different one?

because that thread has been dead for like 5 months

I don’t see how that matters.