*Back it up**Line**

So i was wondering if anyone would be interested in getting this game going.
It works like this:

-One person does 3 tricks with hops between without getting off the uni.
-Then the person who decides to back it up does those 3 tricks + he adds 3 new tricks.
-It would be nice if we could have a standars skill game, so that the thread wouldn’t die because of nobody manage to do the tricks or the tricks is so easy that nobody wants to back them up.So it would be nice if everyone did tricks like these (at least-at most)

crankflip - tripleflip

360 unispin - 720 unispin

wrap walk - X roll

These are not tricks you have to do, they are just a few examples.

So is anyone interested? (sorry if i gave a bad explanation just ask if you are wondering of something) :roll_eyes:

Im in, i will do the first line if its okey?

It’s as ok as it can be ; )

So like back it up but adding three tricks? I’ll play :slight_smile:

I’m in

Yeah :smiley:

i’ll play!


Just starting very simple :wink:

I’ll post tonight. 3 added tricks.

Do I continue the line? Like after the 270-90, do I dismount, or do my 3 tricks?

Whatever. This is back it up not stack it up, so the three can be in a different clip

Ill play

I’m gonna go do it :wink:

edit: just did it.
added outflip, inflip, blind 3 spin


Eli obviously doesn’t understand the term dibs.:stuck_out_tongue: haha.

So I’m posting mine in a few minutes. With it is Christoffers back it up and Eli’s as well. Because Eli posted just before me. So I had to go back his up as well.

To be backed up : hickdouble-540-360 sidespin

It’s private, but I’m feelin it. Gonna go do it quick. XD

it’s an outdouble, sidejump, and then a blind 540 :slight_smile:



I could be a jerk and say it was a hickdouble, not blind hickdouble. But I won’t:p

But see, it wasn’t blind :wink:
I always hickflip in that direction, and I can ONLY hicktrip in that direction :roll_eyes:

Hope someone come and back up your three tricks cause i can only do the sidejump:p