***Back It Up line - Intermediate/Medium***


This looks me a pretty nice game to do.
Back It Up line, a person does three tricks, like these,

Another person does those tricks and sets three other tricks.
You can do a little combo as one trick if you want.
And, you can not go of your unicycle while you’re doing the three tricks.
The tricks you are backing and what an other person has to do don’t has to be in the same clip.:slight_smile:

cool looking game :slight_smile: really nice to get more consistant
I will try to compete ^^ but for the moment I can only do rolls and 180’s :stuck_out_tongue: because of my foot…

i think its the right time to leave spins and flips behind and learn more rolls :smiley:

Filmed today :slight_smile: Upload later or tomorrow :smiley:

New tricks: 270-270, varialroll and 360 unispin :slight_smile:


EDIT: something really fucked up in the uploading proces :confused:

Hopefully Vimeo do the work better than YouTube :slight_smile:


WTF? :thinking: hmm… try to make a new file and upload it for the 4th time :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally :smiley:
A working link :slight_smile:


New tricks: Hickflip - superroll - inward smallspin

superroll-backroll, treyflip, 540

I’ll do tomorow!:slight_smile:

Sorry for th ugly looking tricks… I havent slept in days so i was tired like hell :stuck_out_tongue: