Back it up - intermediate/expert

just a back it up :), who wants to join?
Jelle _ _ _

I’m in, quit a stupid question but how does it works? I haven’t played it for a while.

person A sets a trick, person B have to land persons A his trick and sets a new one, right?
and can you get eliminated in this game like in out the game?

no, that was a mistake of myself :roll_eyes: , you can’t get eliminated

shall we start and see who wants to join later this game, I think it is no problem that people come in later right?
are you going to back this one up?:

anyone can join at any point in the game :), and I’ll try this one today

new one is 540 sidespin :slight_smile:

nooo, side spins :frowning: I’ve never landed a side spin, not even a side jump xD.
every time I try one my uni is going everywhere, I can’t controle it.

maybe luck is with me and I’ll land one but it will take some time so when sombody else can do it, go ahead :wink: