Back it Up- Expert

Yeah I wish I was any good at speaking German so I could play :roll_eyes:

There is the one on the french forums…
First page:
Current trick: Double fackieflip

I thought it might be a good idea to start one in English because some people (me) can’t speak other languages very well.

you dont have to speak any language to play biu :roll_eyes: daaviiid plays in the german biu but hes french

Yeah, but it’s kinda weird to try and figure out what everyone means when they’re talking :roll_eyes: I guess I’ll just play one of the other ones…

This thread=Epic fail


i don´t guess
i think here are so less biu´s and siu´s so i think it´s a good idea to start a biu in this forum

i think the main problem is a lot of people who would enter the expert one, are from europe, where they have great back it ups on their seperate forums.

i think a medium/ intermediate/hard oen would be better here.


i think if they want do be in one more biu they should .
and if you are for a biu medium or hard you can open a new thread

how hard would the tricks in medium go up to? i wouldnt wanna start with something really easy, but i wouldnt wanna go to hard…

i don´t know what you want 360 sidespin is medium i think or a flip is easy enough oder something with 270 you could add what you want :wink:

I’d play but I can’t do sides ^.^

Soooo should i back that up?

must the trick be 90 360 270 or can i also do 270 360 90

It doesnt matter just as long as you do a 360 on the tire. You could do 90 360 90

oki will try it i already filmed 270 360 450 a week ago but i will try it again today

i can´t go on for some reason i don´t land this trick anymore :frowning:

I want to try this trick:D

then do it i relearnd this trick :frowning: