Back it Up- Expert

what do you want to add ?

I cannot edit on my computer. So unless I can get the trick again 1st try when filming and then the other trick too, someone else can go ahead.

Pat has the clip of me landing the tricks. He just needs to edit them and we can get this rolling again:)

Ill do it now

Yeah sorry, I still cannot edit anything on my computer.

Can anyone land it? I can only get a tiny bit more than 180.

That should be fine, mine was VERY unclean.

hey guys im not sure of the rules and stuff but i can 360 latflip what do i do now?

post a video of you doing the 360lateflip and another trick at expert level :wink:

will riley on!!! its a christmas miracle!!! haha

omg thats not possible

now on and video response

haha ill be on more now but heres my responser 360 lateflip, and crankflip to foot jam to spin

Nice :wink:

Yum. I’d feel weird doing it without a hick to foot jam.

Change it to toe jam :smiley:

Darn, I think I can do that, but I have strep throat :frowning: maybe if no one takes it for like 3 days.

I idolize will riley. that was a sick trick bad a**!!! i was really tempted to swear there pat! haha dude sick

Kevin how could you!? :astonished:

haha kevin do itt i expect a call soon and i want some ass word on it… by the way …word

come on just say it lol