Back it ip-Flat-Easy/Medium

Wanted to start a new game of back it up, I guess this is about the right difficulty levels, tricks will include like 5’s, treys, stuff like that. Join below and we can pretty much start straight away?


im in!

Count me in, i’ll get well good for this :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m in

_ _ _ AdamV
_ _ _ xjuggler4x
_ _ _ RobT
_ _ _ Bavo
_ _ _ trueuni

who will set the first trick?

I can set something easy like a 3 spin after school tomorrow? If anyone wants to do anything earlier or instead though, it’s fine.

do it :slight_smile:

I’m in. shall I set the first trick?

it’s ok for me

Did you film one? I can put up the 3, but if you’ve done a trick, then I don’t need to, haha

I’m bizzy with school so you may set, sorry for being late :slight_smile:

wheres the set at? =P

How hard may the set be, is it ok to involve backrol-1,5 flip 540’s double backs…?

when this is to easy or to hard, I’ll set a other trick or someone els may set :wink:

Lets try that again:

I think this should be to hard for this back it up Easy medium, but does anyone want to start a more difficult one? :slight_smile:

I would like to start a harder back it up, shall I make a new topic for medium/semi expert flat? don’t know how to call it but a back it up with that kind of difficulty?