back in the saddle

i started unicycling again recently, after a break of just over a year.
(well, i’ve been unicycling in my show for about a month now, so i realy mean practicing again.)

my girlfriend decided that she was going to learn to unicycle, since i would aparently be a good teacher, and she could use all my nice expensive unicycles.

its been quite fun.
on the first day i rediscovered rolling hops, on the second day i relearned grinds, and yesterday i found a cable drum, and had a whole evening of jumping onto things, over things and off things.

but wierdest of all i tried doing freestyle again, i found that things like seat drag and gliding are actualy possible!(not to say that ive actualy mastered them)

so, maybe i’ll pop back here once in a whiole to ask some questions.

like why is standup so hard?
and how come it dosent actualy matter that my left pedal is completely smooth from grinding?