Back in the saddle!!!!!!!

Today, it was 2 months since I shattered my thumb and I decided that it was time to get back to unicycling. I’ve still got 2 pins in my thumb but managed bend my hand enough to get my wristguards on. After succeeding at that task, I strapped on my 661’s and helmet and grabbed my MUni.
I must admit, I was a little nervous since I’d only been riding a little over 8 months before being forced to take 2 months off.
I missed my first attempt to freemount and ended up going over the front of the uni, but managed to stay on my feet. On my second attempt, I nailed the freemount and motored away. After a few blocks, I had to dismount for a traffic light. I jumped right back on my Muni and completed my short 1 1/2 mile ride (before darkness fell) without a single UPD It felt sooooo good to get back on one wheel. I looking forward to doing an easy MUni ride this weekend and then hopefully getting back on the 28’r for awhile to start working my way up to learning to ride my still virgin Coker. yahoo!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

congrats on the recovery. glad to hear youre back on the horse. was it a unicycling realted injury?

Thanks, no it was not unicycle related. I dropped an alternator on it and shattered a bone in my thumb

Way to go Kenny!

I know the feeling.

I just got back on my 29’er this week after almost four months of no riding. (You might recall my post about breaking my fibula while doing some trials stuff at the beginning of Sept.)

It was great to be riding again. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. A tiny bit wobbly but all the skills were there and it was awesome to be spinning those short cranks again and cruising on my road uni.

This weekend it could be some easy MUni for me… yahooo!

Take care to not reinjure you thumb and enjoy your regained freedom.


I’m glad to hear that you got all healed up and are “back in the saddle” also. It really sucks to have to just sit around and look at your “toys” while others are out playing :wink:

Are you the guy who had a pin sticking out from the end your thumb?? If so, is it still there or what? Two months without riding would be a nightmare- so I think you deserve kudos for lasting that long! Hope it recovers fully soon!

That’s me. I had 3 pins in my thumb. They removed one in November and hopefully the other 2 will come out when I go back to the doc in January
Thanks :slight_smile:



I’m glad to hear the two of you are back on one wheel.