Back in the saddle -Nimbus Stadium (or not) ?

So far, I have been riding my Nimbus II 20" and 24" Oracle muni using the supplied good quality banana saddles.

However, since returning to learning to unicycle a week ago, after an absence of several years, I have noticed the Nimbus Stadium saddle is now available, which is flatter and would seem to be a more logical shape for the male anatomy.

Does anyone have experience of this saddle who could comment on it’s positives and negatives.

(And I’m glad to be back)

The flatter profile is awesome but i just never could get comfortable on it. Seems like i was always adjusting trying to find a good spot.

Went to a KH freeride and fell in love! Like going from a wooden church pew to a lazy boy. Then i started riding longer distances and the freeride had noticeable hot spots due to it being thick and cushioned and starting getting some numbness in my legs after a few miles so i forked over the cash for a KH fusion one and its perfect! Has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

I think seats are a personal preference thing that takes a little time to figure out but if flatter is what you are going for i highly recommend the fusion one

I have the stadium on one of my unicycles and it definitely works well with my male anatomy, better than the standard seat on my other one.

By design, like the Fusion Zero and the One, it’s a saddle meant to be held whilst riding - directly at the handle or with handlebars. So it depends on your riding, but it’s probably not the best for freestyle or juggling.
And yes it’s a bit hard on the bum.

Another you can consider is the QuAx Eleven. It’s built on a KH base, but uses stiffer foam (and flatter) and has a big grove for pressure relief.

There might be some reviews of the various options in the Unicycle Product Review part of the forum.

I just want it for casual riding around park pathways.
Do you mean that it does not stay in place if not held by the handle?

I have used this saddle for a while and it was a great one! However, it broke when I jumped a few stairs while holding my KH t-bar. So it’s probably not the saddle you want if you’ll go for some jumps in MUni.

Everyone is is different, I’ve tried the Stadium and a few other saddles. I find the UDC trainer saddle to be the best of all I’ve tried. I have no problems with it even on longer full day rides. Do whatever works for you but don’t buy newer saddles just because they are newer models. Newer does not mean they are more comfortable.

That’s what I mean, because that’ what it’s doing with me - and I think I’m not the only one, I even recall Roger from saying that it had been designed that way. If you want one that is happy to be under you hand or no hand, look at the Qu’Ax Eleven as I mentioned.