Back in the saddle again

It’s been about a year since I posted any progress here.
Just after I had managed a 20 metre (meter) ride, my son told me that unicycling was boring.
It really took the wind out of my sails. It was one of only a few things where we connected.
I felt foolish for buying them. I felt disappointed.
Recently, I took the unis to the local bike shop where we bought them so that I could sell them at a loss.
Christmas came and went and they never moved from their perches. I had hoped for more.
About a week ago or so, my son asked me if he could have his back. I was floored.
Of course I said yes and we gathered them yesterday (Dec 31, 2014).
Today we went back out. He was good when we quit and I still sucked.
He freemounted into the saddle and took off riding, leaving me to hug the tree I used to use to get started.
I persisted, but it was like I’d never attempted it before. After about an hour I began to remember some of the things I used to concentrate on.
I didn’t get more than 4 1/2 pedal strokes during the time I was there. But, I did begin to remember.
We are planning to go out tomorrow morning (it’s summer here and it gets so bloody hot after about 10am) and I will try again.
I have reset my goal to reach the other tree (about 20 metres) and I will persist until I get it.
Seems what goes around comes around.

Hey UniSpud :slight_smile:

That’s great news :slight_smile:
Happy New Year :slight_smile:

NSW. Ever go anywhere near Murwillumbah? (Just south of the Queensland border not far from the coast.)

Once you have done twenty metres it will soon be one hundred then kilometres. It happens much sooner than you expect once you get going. When you can ride confidently it is such fun to go touring.

I started riding nearly a year ago and had imagined one day as an ultimate goal in the very distant future I might be able to ride the kilometer to the local shop and then back. I had my doubts because of the “big hill” on the way.

I rode to the shop less than two months from my first attempts to ride a unicycle at all (almost immediately after I upgraded from the kids uni I learnt on). A couple of days later I rode the four kilometers to town then back.

Then I upgraded to a 24 inch and the mostly flat bike track to town got way too easy so I took the six kilometre high road to town with its up to eight degree slogs, “the roller coaster” driveways crossings, steep descents, numerous obstacles and rough surfaces.

I am now at the point where I can routinely ride this without dismounting so I looked for another challenge.

Yesterday I made my first attempt to ride up to the lookout. This is a serious slog of about 750 metres.

I set what I thought was an ambitious goal to achieve it by end of January.

Today I made it about ninety percent of the way, just running out of stamina near the top after zooming up the two steepest sections that stopped me yesterday.

Oh and the “big hill” on the way to the shop, it barely slows me down now.

Unispud welcome back. The important thing is your back in the saddle. Don’t worry you’ll be riding great soon.

Welcome back!
I was wondering about what happened to you. We all remembered following your progress, and it was encouraging to see you get on the beast!

Great that you have gotten back in the saddle! I look forward to seeing your progress once again! Nothing wrong with being a tree hugger!:smiley:

i got that a lot at first. then i dropped some coin on a proper kit. nightfox for her. kh20 for him. now they beg me to go ride. life is good.

Good to see you’re back, Spud! Since we both started around the same time I’ve been following your progress and was hoping you had not given up.

We have one thing over the young generation: We may not learn as fast as they do, but we’ve got patience and persistence! Keep going at your own pace and don’t let your sons progress discourage you. If he gets bored, get him a trials or mountain unicycle. Let him try to idle, ride backwards, jump obstacles or whatever is needed to make it interesting again.

One thing that keeps me going is the reactions of folks around me: Almost everybody is encouraging and I get a lot of positive comments out on the trails. But what gives me the biggest boost is when kids or teenagers find it “impressive” or “cool”.

Personally, I can’t imagine stopping to ride my unicycle. Not even the rain kept me from riding to work every day. I think I’m addicted :wink:

I went back at it 4 years ago, and have been riding almost every day. Glad I did. I am almost 67 years old. I have alway been in really good shape that helps. You will learn something every time you go out. I ride mostly single track trails.