Back in the saddle again.

I went out riding yesterday with my daughter for the first time in over two weeks. I’ve been dealing with a respiratory infection that’s left me very weak and my lungs hurting. I finally felt well enough to do a short 2.5 mile ride on fairly level ground. Today I am dealing with my legs being sore and a bit wobbly, but my mental state is great as I am happy to be able to ride once more.

Welcom back!

2 weeks???..unfortunately it’s nearly 2 years for me as I got heavily into mountain bikes, however I feel the need to get back out on one wheel again - hence back checking out this fantastic site.
I’ll be dusting down either my 29er or 26 guni for spin later today.

I had a relapse two days after posting the above and haven’t been able to ride. Recovery has been painfully slow. Just walking up the stairs in our house has required resting at the top. The past few days I been feeling better and this morning I went out for a ride with my dog. I was only able to squeeze out 1.75 miles (with many breaks along the way) but I think I’m finally on the mend.