Back in the saddle again...sore butt

Hi all. I have been out of the sport for the last three years since having children. I used to ride muni up to 100 miles per week, and my backside was nice and tough.

Now i am again trying to get back in to touring, just for exercise, and have found that my backside is in great pain.

Since i have kids, i don’t have alot of time to explore what is new in the uni world, so i was hoping you could all point me to the wonderful new and comfortable seats that are available(please say they are available!!)

What do you recomend for a saddle/seat for extended touring comfort?

Thanks and it is good to be back on one wheel.

Come on, anyone. Please!! I need a comfortable touring seat. What do you suggest?

I prefer the KH Freeride saddle of the seats I have tried for long rides.


I have a Freeride saddle too and find it very spongey and comfy. Probably too spongey for a lightweight like me :smiley:

Is the newer freeride saddle much different from the 2006 model?? I presently have an 06 model with carbon frame. When i rode regularly, it wasn’t so bad, but by no means “comfortable”.

Maybe i have just gotten soft from not riding… shame on me!!

Is that fella from San Antonio TX still making those carbon seats?? I recall those being pretty comfortable.

The newer KH Freeride is much better than the old ones. It’s the best I’ve ever ridden. Also, compression shorts with padded bike pants/shorts over them will help tremendously.

As far as I know Scott Wallis has stopped making the carbon fiber parts, but you can always e-mail him and check. Here is his website:

It sounds like you already have a decent saddle. I think your body just needs more time to adjust to those particular pressures again. Welcome back!

These guys have some great suggestions.

Definitely get a pair of padded cycling shorts. Get the extra comfy model.:smiley: These things can do wonders and make the most uncomfortable saddle comfortable.

I have a couple 06 KH freeride saddles and had to modify the foams on them to make them comfortable for me. Have you done any modification to the foam when you built up the saddle with the carbon base? I found it helped a lot to flatten the front and the back a little and also added a grove down the middle. In the end it ended up looking like how the KH foams were on the 08 model saddles but with the firmer foam which I actually find more comfortable on longer rides.

The newest KH saddles have a slightly different base shape but are also fairly flat on top. I have one and it is nice but since I modify all my foams to how I like them I don’t find much difference.

Mostly I think if you were fine before you might just have to toughen up the rear end again.