Back in business... I hope

Currently, I am in a bit of pain and feel somewhat jaded, hence the reason I keep banging on about care :o.
Sorry, but I am allergic to dairy, always have been, conventional tea is a grim, bitter brew to me, espresso is the ultimate stimulant for myself, in fact I sit here tapping away at the keyboard with a freshly brewed, large mugful beside me. It probably has about three average measures in it. Weirdly, after this, I will go off on the unicycle, quite nicely usually, to be honest, or, at least I have been recently, when the rain passes. :roll_eyes:

I promise to never mention my age again, but Methuselah keeps going through my brain for some reason or other. Oh, and Norfolk is about twenty miles further North than here. I am Suffolk born and bred :wink:

I tend to keep my own counsel, but it is others that often reference my age when confronted with the unicycle. I may well be the only one riding one in these close regions, and I tend to be ridiculed when spotted. The comments are normally inane to be fair, but ageism remarks are often the subject.
I may have a face lift so I too can look like Liberace, like all those others. Maybe a vanity hair dye process, so I can resemble a Chestnut conker like Paul McCartney :smiley:

Congrats on the recovery! Sadly I am quite “experienced” with sports injuries. I have had both ACL reconstruction and a shoulder reconstructive surgeries. For the sore knee I highly recommend a zero Q-factor crank, it helps keep your knees in line with your hip to reduce some of the lateral force applied on the knee. You can also look into shorter spindle pedals that bring the pedal body closer to the crank arm.

Good info regarding the cranks. I’m back on the Oracle and have worked up to 6 miles/ride. Finally feeling good. Foot still sore when walking, but I can ride. Staying off the hills for now, since I broke my foot on an incline.

Damaged I did not do this on a unicycle

Since I am now at least looking normal (well as much as I ever do!) wearing my special T-shirt is now inappropriate. It says “Damaged I did not do this on a unicycle”

So I will give it to anyone who has a need for it. :slight_smile:


Good to see that you are at least getting around. I hope I am never in need of any of the accessories you are sporting…bot, crutches or the T-Shirt.

I just saw your post from a couple weeks ago… I love that the comment about getting to the bathroom on your unicycle being easier than walking! I am now about 95%, but have been unicycling for the last 2 months. It was initially easier for me to unicycle in order to exercise my dog than walk him. At least, that was how I justified it :slight_smile:

Now I’m back on the logging roads and riding as much as I can (within reason). And, I have finally found a unicyclist who I can ride with. Keep healing!