Back in Action (Couldn't be happier)

After a 1.5+ year break from unicycling, I’m back at it and man oh man does it feel good! After some deliberation I made up my mind when the extremely generous Roland from made me an offer I absolutely couldn’t pass up. I ended up with a 26" unicycle with the following specs:

Qu-ax ISIS hub
48 Spokes
Halo SAS rim
Nimbus Gel Saddle
Nimbus II frame chrome
125mm Qu-ax ISIS cranks
Metal pedals
Hookworm tire

My previous uni was a 24" Torker LX and I couldn’t believe the difference I noticed immediately upon getting onto the saddle of this baby. It’s a dreamboat, absolutely.

There’s a nice forest with a network of dirt and asphalt paths just a few bus stops away from where I live and have made two trips there already. Today I went about 5km, a lot uphill and shook off most of the rust I experienced on day one. By the end I was cruising up and downhill with a huge smile on my face. My only big UPD was caused by a dog getting so close that I thought I should get off and then my leg got caught in the pedal. No big deal.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to the forest with my girlfriend who wants to try to ride. I wish I had a 20" for her to learn on, but she’ll have to try on this beast.

What a terrific sport we’re all involved in. It really can’t be beat. I just keep asking myself why I allowed myself to stop for so long. Oh well, all that matters now is that I’m back in action and improving all the while.

Take care everyone,

Welcom back! :):slight_smile:
If you still have your LX one of you could ride that so both of you would have a uni to ride once she learns.

Learning would be a bit easier and faster if you had some longer cranks, plus they could handle the rough terrain more easilly. The LX comes w/ 152mm (I think) and you could get these in 145 mm from MDC 19.90 Eur

Unfortunately the Torker is back in America and we’re in the Czech Republic right now. Shipping a unicycle is a bit pricey too, pricey enough to consider buying one for her if she likes it and can start to get the hang of it. She’s a determined girl though and despite the steeper learning curve I think she won’t be dissuaded.