Back hick flip

Does anyone on here know how to do a back hickflip? I’m having trouble. When my feet come off the uni the uni swings in and I like trip over it. It hurts like a bitch.

Kelly can do those. I think he does one in Shaun’s Ipod vid. Maybe watch that.

Yeah that’s why I decided to try it:p He’s so smooth it probaly would of took me a while to relise is if it wasn’t writtenin the movie.

Can you do a crankflip yet?

Those are kinda tricky. For me it was hard because you had to almost completely stop to get the backwards flip.

What flip tricks can you do right now?


yahoo! this morning i saw this post, and thought: hmmm, i`ll try one today, and guess what?!

I GOT IT!!! it was so great to land it after like 50 tries…

we got it on camera, so it willl be in my next vid, for the vid comp.

but hey, can you do a regular backflip? it helps if you can do that…

hey wuts the trick to backflips movieing forward? i can do them rolling forward but after i flip it i didnt move any. i wanna do them down stairs and stuff but i cant keep going forward after the flip. any help?

I’d imagine the you have to almost hop off the ground, then do the flip.

Hick Backflips
Or Hick Fakieflips???

Kelly Ipod vid, yes. He’s got those. I learned them a few days later.

Nicely done on learning them in one day.

The trick doesn’t seem very useful, unless in a game of UNI. haha

-Shaun Johanneson

you must own games of UNI.

For flip trick right now I can do
-varial flip
-180 crankflip
-360 crankflip(off a 1’ ledge)
-crankflip tyre grab
And a few others

From the stuff you post It sounds like you’re crazy good. You should bring out a video so I beleive you.

Ya i wanne see a vid of you :astonished:

yeeez, so many crazy flips, and no hick-backflip? man, yor seem pretty good!

give us a vid!

This goes to alot of other people on the forums too…


I don’t know how many times I’ve posted that I don’t have a camera. I might be able to get some stills off my phone though.

yep im with luke and mike on this. if ur that good doesnt one of ur freinds have a cam or somthing u can use. or take pictures of the tricks, you have to have a camera since u have a pic on ur avitar

Haha, yeah, sure. The only flip trick I can do is a fifthflip. I tried to film it today, but I accidentally didn’t press the record button. Then when I went to try it again, I accidentally fifthflipped ONTO the camera and I broke it. Although, don’t worry, I will totally take a picture of it for you!

Edit: Deleted what I originally posted cause I found it very immature and pointless to argue about if he can or cant do the tricks, about camera/pictures, and everything else mentioned here.

What would be the point of lying to strangers online about what tricks you could do on a unicycle? There isn’t one.
There is not reason to not believe him…