BAck from the BMW, tired and fairly happy

Thanks Joe - great weekend, choice locations. CyB knocks the pants off Grizedale for consistent technical interest!!

Anyone who wants to do Snowdon again before the weather gets bad, Aaron and I are up for it. What about it Steve? But not in the next two weeks please, I dont think my wife would be too pleased.

Anyone else interested in a rematch with Snowdon.


I’m certainly up for a Snowdon re-match Simon. It’s possible that Chris D, Rocket, Mark W, Alan C, Gary and Joe R, who all missed the opportunity to ride down Snowdon last weekend, could possibly be interested.

Wendy’s expecting in 3 weeks time, so November would be better for me, albeit a little colder by then.

I’ll try and sort out my photos tonight. There’s lots of good ones from CyB and of our group on Snowdon. I’ll keep you all posted when they go into the gallery.


Just got back. The joys of not working. I popped down to Brecon on the way back but quads wouldn’t forgive me if I got back on the Muni so I just did some walking then in to Cardiff fror a few beers with an old friend.

Thanks to Joe for organizing it all. Great venue. Coed was a bit techy for me but still had some good bits. Snowdon was fabulous. I apologise to everyone for my griping on the way up. It really didn’t look that rideable to me on the way up but the ride down was probably the best Muni ride I’ve ever done. I’ll definitely be up for doing it again and riding a little more of it (Roger must have come down the easy way if he found it 100% rideable :astonished: ). Pluto, you mentioned some of the great drop offs but seem to have forgotten about the ‘soft’ landings :stuck_out_tongue:

Good pictures, Joe, I look forward to seeing a few from the slow group, Steve.

O yes, nick, I think somebody better put a good description of Aaron and his soft landing. I missed it and only smelled the result - not quite all the way home! I had forgoten about that, must be some mileage there almost as much as him getting on the wrong train to meet me in Manchester. :wink:

glad everyone enjoyed it.

Snowdon was cool, would like to do it again, but would be more interested in doing some new mountains. Simon, is there a weekend’s worth of long descents in the lakes?

Brecons, possibly the Peaks, Yorkshire moors, Scotland are all places that have big hills like that might be worth a nice winter weekend.


ha ha ha -everyone have a laugh at my expense why don’t you!
there’s more than a weekends worth jo!!!
that’s and i think the lakes are a bit nicer in winter -wether wise well and looks but wether’s not that bad if you look for a resonably sheltered route but still in the fells

yes I agree with Aaron, although there is no doubt that Snowdon was very useful to me to provide a yardstick against which to judge the length and technical interest of other routes that I would regard as ‘Classic’. There is a problem in finding good long and consistently interesting downhill routes.

For example, Helvellyn (ridge) is very good - a classic no doubt but very variable with easy sections and much harder (than Snowdon) steeper sections such as Lower Man (northwards), not the same frequency of technical interest. Also I have yet to find the ideal conbination of the ridge to decent path - more conbinations to try next time I go.

Skiddaw is another good example, a fine decent but not anywhere as technically interesting a Snowdon. The only significantly dificult sections are a litttle bit near the top due to steepness and Jenkin Hill which is about the last third mile before Latrigg car park. Its hard because of its significant gradient and rougness of surface but without the frequent drop-offs etc that provides so much fun and interest on Snowdon.

I have been methodically going through (riding or trying to) all the bridlepaths in the fells for the past 6 months, out almost every weekend and although we could not match Snowdon for altitude and consistent gradient etc. I am sure we could provide more than a full weekend of similar technical interest. We might have to do three or four of the Classics like Garburn Pass/Walna Sca Road/Rosthwaite to Watenlath with Helvellyn ridge and downhill.

I will give it some more thought and come back to you.


i think me and ric would be up for Snowdon, couldnt make this weekend unfortuantely.
Sometime in November would probably be best.

Simon, i think we can make the 25th October meet, i will send you an e-mail when i have confirmation.

I would love to ride it again, but one of the reasons for my rapid turn arround at the top was that I was cold.
If we were to ride it later in the Winter I would be seriously worried about riding if it were any older. On the top section I was not able to talk I was so cold! :-S



Just to let everyone know that I’ve now added the photos I took onto the gallery. Have a look.


I note your concern Roger and I believe such high level routes should never be considered lightly even in Summer. If we were to go back in November we would have to hit a bit of a weather window to make sure conditions were good. Ideally we would obviously need it to be more settled than it was.

In November as with any of the higher Mountain routes the weather can change rapidly with the danger of ‘Exposure’ affecting those with insufficient ‘mountain’ clothing etc. Had we had a bout of heavy freezing rain (common on Snowdon in October and November) from the top down on Sunday, I would have been concerned that everybody had sufficient appropriate clothing. High level (3000ft+) Muni always seems to be a trade off between carrying too much or too little and suffering either way.

If we go back again in November, it should be treated with all the care and preparation of a high Winter hill walk and we should all be prepared for bad weather.

I think the best plans involve a flexible approach with a final decision about going being made using the Met Office five day forecast, when it looks sufficiently settled. I will start watching this daily from the beginning of November and perhaps anyone still interested contact either Steve Colligan or myself.

Thanks Mark I got your email and will reply shortly.

TheFatController (at) CumbriaMuni (dot) com

This looks like a nice route and has been recommended by bike people, d’you know if it’s good on a unicycle? -

Your idea of combining a bunch of routes to make a nice long ride sounds pretty cool.

As for Snowdon, I think given enough warm & waterproof clothing, the only thing that would stop another ride up and down the Llanberis path would be high winds. There isn’t any navigation to speak of and not too much danger if you’re wrapped up well.

Oh and possibly pedal freezing, where you get snow on the pedals and it freezes to ice, I’ve had this and it’s really hard to ride, you have to keep taking out the ice with a key.


Navigation becomes more challenging on Snowdon once snow & ice appear. We reverted to the safer option of walking down the frozen track as the path was not obvious, this was at Easter some years back.

Personally I thought the weather was pretty good on Sunday considering it is October. The train website states the Summit station is only open mid-May to end of October (approx). Therefore any new trips woiuld need to be fairly soon.

Steve thanks for posting the photos.


yes it comes highly recommended - the old Roman Road, but when Aaron and I did it northwards from the summit to Askham we found too much of it was grassy. Even some of the high parts of the ridge are rather boring.

When you get up there you can see why they also call High Street, Race Course Hill and until very recently used to hold a yearly fair on the summit to celebrate the tradition of exchanging livestock etc. The fair then developed and included horse races. I digress…

I have yet to go south from the summit - down to Troutbeck, which I believe might be the better route although very probably from what I remember of walking it, steeper.

a few of us - Steve, Arron and myself would not be able to do it again this month despite losing the luxury of the Cafe.

The cafe at the summit was a god-send last Sunday, offering warmth, hot drinks & food.

If the train stops short of the summit this month, then it’s possible that the cafe would also close. If the cafe is closed then it’s more imperative that anyone going up has the right gear for the cooler weather. Being flexible and watching the weather forecast seems a good idea. As mentioned before, I’d love to have another go at it. I, personally would be available for another ascent/decent from the middle of November. It may be cooler, but more settled then.


OK, lets make some provisional plans? Saturday or Sunday who prefers what? What about a provisional date of 8th. 15th, 22nd or 29th November?

If I am correct we would so far have:

myself - Simon
Mark Lever?

What about you Roger? and who else?


Yes count me in. I will be dressed like the Mitcheline Man though! :slight_smile:

OK, jolly good,
we now have

Aaron & myself,
Mark Lever
Rick Else

Mark and Rick, there would be two vehicles going from Manchester so I would hope if you need it we might be able to arrange a lift.

Would Saturday or Sunday be better. Saturday might have less walkers on the path than Sunday?


if you are going to travel down from the summit in 40 mins or less, what about the idea of a bell.

Some may not like the idea - destroying the peace but I think it could be very useful on the busier downhill routes!

When are you going to stock the latest bells with sponsors names on them.