BAck from the BMW, tired and fairly happy

On Friday night Paul and I made the marathon road trip from Exeter to
North Wales, arriving at the appointed campsite shortly before
mid-night. Fortunatly we saw Aaron in the car park and he directed us to
the right side of the field. A little gossipng later we got our heads down
for some sleep in preperation for the exertions to come on saturday.

Saturday dawned coldish and showery, a rag tag convoy left the campsite
in dribs and drabs to re-group at Coed-Y-Brenin ( CyB) vistor centre
where we meet up with a few more riders. Equiped with maps we then began
the ritual discussion " what ride are you doing/ is that the long one/ is
it too long/ do I want to do it too" before spliting into two rather
un-even groups. Five people wanting to do the MBR trail - 22km long 300m
climbing very hilly with sustained technicial sections- and about 17
wanting to do the Red Bull Trail - 11km, 330m climbing with short but
brutal in places technicial sections linked by easier tracks with
shortcuts possible.

Both routes start together with a sharp up-hill ection that most people
walked, at the split off point we five MBR riders ( Joe M, Paul S, Roger
D, Mark W and I) dived off down the hill on " Flightpath" The first of our
man made single track for the day, it was a fun swoopy ride I managed to
stack it badly once and ended up some 8ft from my uni spwarled on my back
across a log below the trail un-able to get up. NOT thankfully because I
was hurt, but because my pack straps were hopelessly caught up on the
dead tree.Paul dis-entangled me and I was very gratfull I was wearing
wristgrauds, lid and knee pads or it would have really hurt.

The MBR trail turned out to be full of tricky decents and also had some
fantasticly swoopy stuff, a lot of the taril is on stone packed narrow
paths, I had to concentrate hard on the next 3 ft of trail most of the
time and managed to do a few things I thought would have me off. On one
steep section we watched a mountain biker go over the handle bars on a
section most of us had just riden (I allowed my self to feel pleased about
it). The two wheelers we meet were fine, we were traeted with the some
respect any other two wheeler would have got ( so the level
varied!) from curt " on the right" or “rider” as someone hurtled down the
hill and wanted to pass to " no you go first I want to see you do it" with
the accompanying " wow , that mad".

The rain came down a few times while we were out but it was intermittant
and we were riding hard enough to dry out.Eventully ( after about
3.5 hours) we got back the Cafe expecting to find the other group back
already as their ride had been only half as long. They were not there and
hadn’t been seen, so we settled down to stuff our faces and wait for
them. The rain got heavy. Twenty mins after our arrival Leigh and Lucy
dripped into the cafe, they had taken a short cut and come back from Red
Bull , it was another 15 mins before the front runners came in who had
riden the whole trail, and about 4.5 hours had elaped since starting the
rides before they were all back.

As Aaron and Sam put it, they stopped to play a bit, and it took ages to
re-group at the end of some sections. but no one was hurt and a good time
had been had.After lunch the groups re-jigged a bit and some wentinto
town , soem went to ride flight path and play on a few fun bits near the
cafe while Joe M, Paul and I accompanied by Aaron on two wheels ( he
borrowed it he had already done the route on a uni) did the Red Bull

Paul confronted his nemesis in Snap and then went on to ride Crackle, Pop
and Als loop that he had been forced to miss through injury last
time. Then joe lost a pedal and was forced to walk the second half of the
route, then Pauls knee started to play up and it started to get
dark. Oopps. We shortcutted as much a possible so I still havn’t managed
to ride the whole of the Red Bull trail:-( . The Rocky Horror show was
once again neither rocky or horrid, while the root of all evil and Man
trap again defeated me.

I trailed into the car park behind Aaron to find that his Dad had left
with out him but Mike (thanks Mike) had stayed and waited with a bike
rack on his car. Paul and Joe walked the last sections together and we
loaded up the unis onto Mikes rack in the gathering dusk and headed back
to the camp site, tired out.

The evening saw a gathering of muniers almost take over the front bar of
the Ship in town,I think the 4 locals who stayed deserve a medal. We all
dryed out and yarned about exploits past planned.

Sunday dawned cold. Very cold, iced up tent zips cold, ice on tents cold,
frost on everything cold. Pauls knee problem meant that he and I didn’t
go to Mount Snowdon with the others so some one else will have to tell the
tales of Sunday at the BMW.


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Re: BAck from the BMW, tired and fairly happy

Sarah Miller <> wrote:

> The MBR trail turned out to be full of tricky decents and also had some
> fantasticly swoopy stuff,

These bits made Joe M. say,
“Golly! What a productive use of gravity karma!”
in a rather Famous Five style :slight_smile:


Paul Selwood (remove the meat…)

I’m so envious…

Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Me too…

I phoned Roger whilst he was riding UP Snowdon and I was stuck at work !

Leo White

Will tell more later but… down Snowdon was amazing!

Wow! 40mins flat out :slight_smile: 100% ridable but a lot of it at my limit.

Must sleep now!


Sarah, sounds like a really great time. Wish I was there. Too bad about Sunday, but Snowdon will always be there.


Snowdon was fantastic although it took me a lot longer than 40 minutes :smiley:


Snowdon was as good as c y b if not better, the reasonably long slog up was worth that amazing decent down-plenty of very rocky technical sections mixed with plenty of nice drops and some detours off the path(sorry again about the cranks roger) made it lovely to ride and a great day again
i was hoping you would have gone by the time i was down so i could borrow the carbon but no such luck!

back from bmw… knackered and very happy

It was a grrrrreat weekend, lots and lots of people of varying abilities and I think everyone found something that was difficult for them. Even Roger fell off on some bits!

Snowdon was great, just section after section of rocky downhill, a whole hour of fast and pretty difficult riding. On the uphill, we probably rode about 20% of the distance and walked the rest, but it was so worth it for the downhill we got. Truly a productive use of gravity karma. True to the name it had real live snow at the top.

I’m well and truly broken today!

Pictures at


coed y brenin was great, even if me and phil did turn up late and not see anyone else on unicycles till we were all leaving. It did mean that we did red bull quicker than the bigger group <looks smug>. Snowdon, was bloomin’ steep. I’m sure it wasn’t that steep on the way up last time, but it was all worth it. Thank god for brakes, put it that way. Downside to the weekend being knocking the ice off your tent on the sunday morning, and the usual joys of travelling by train (yes, that is the train to nottingham sat 6 feet from you, and yes it has a driver, and the engine is running. But it’s still cancelled. There’ll be a replacement about a quarter of its size along soon. If you’re lucky.) But it was still all worth it.
Gotta go now, I’ve just spotted someone who I haven’t yet told about unicycling down snowdon yesterday… Oh, and there’s the whole ‘lecture’ thing, but lets get the priorities sorted here.

Fist of all, a big thanks to Joe for organising the weekend and choosing two excellant locations for a muni ride. It’s the first time I’ve ridden anything at CyB and was amazed how well set up for off-road riding it was.

Trying to keep up with Roger on a long Muni ride didn’t seem like my idea of fun, so opted for the shorter ‘Red Bull’ route. Even the losy weather didn’t stop me from having a great time. Some of the technical bits tested the best in our group, but I must take my hat off to Sam & Aaron - I was well impressed with how easy they made some of the difficult sections look.

Pushing a Muni up Snowdon certainly wasn’t the hi-light of the weekend. Riding it down though, was! I’ve never had so much fun and exhilaration on a Muni ride. The snow, cloud & wind on the top certainly added to the experience. I can only imagine what the walkers up there must have thought of us. I would love to do it again if anyone wants another go at it. Truely amazing ride. Really enjoyed those endless drop-offs.

I’ll post something to let everyone know when I add the photos to the gallery.

Note to Aaron & Sam. I’m not sure our game of Muni gladiators will catch on!

Steve:D :smiley:

Yes well done Joe. :slight_smile:

Saturday was fantastic. The MBR ride at 15mile was about right for a morning ride… although not getting back for 1pm was not really right. As I am sure the others realised i did enjoy chasing the bikes down the down hills. :slight_smile:
Some of the single track was just amazing, one section with an almost consistant gradient and burns on the corners and really smooth was I think one of my highlights… everyone got to the bottom and said “swoopie”. It is rare where you can ride at really full speed like on a track but be off road!
I didn’t make the afternoon ride due to breaking my frame (again) But thanks to Rocket for the run into town to pickup some epoxy adhesive to fix it. I should really have done that ages ago.
Saturday evening… nice pub but don’t send Phil to pick a pub; he will pick one not big enought to swing a mouse never mind a cat!
Saturday night… cold!
Sunday… isn’t it a long way to Snowdon.
Uphill… I think Joe is being generous on saying 20% was ridden. It was hard slog and I got cold near the top. I didn’t hang around, I just said hello to the clouds then set off down. With the exceptions of the 10m of steps at the very top which were not ridable because of walkers, I rode every bit of the down hill which was so pleaseing because going up I was wondering. I had only a couple of UPD’s near the bottom where I think I was just too tired.
Mike commented I think that one walker who watched me come down thought I was on a skateboard because I moving so fast! Hmmm people are weord.
Mind at the bottom… I just had to collapse in a heap. Food, sleep and coffee is all I wanted; in that order.
My legs are so stiff today that i am walking like John Wayne today! But totally worth it.

Joe, thanks for posting the photos. I especially liked the Snowdon ones. I remember climbing that route 22 years ago in a total whiteout. You guys sure looked like you were having fun. Way to go Roger riding it ALL. That’s great.

I need to find some way to make it to more events like this!


Sounds great. I’ve walked Snowdon a few times, and the idea of riding down it in one is mind boggling.

I didn’t realise until the last minute that it was ‘this’ weekend, and couldn’t make it. then I was ill anyway, and Saturday’s planned long ride became Sunday’s half-hearted 6 miles. :0(

Must try to get there next year.

Never ones to go along with the crowd, John and myself turned up “fashionably” late on the saturday morning, after having spent the night an hour away from Coed-y-Brenin and about 15 minutes away from Snowdon. Hmmm… planning… :slight_smile:

With everyone else having dispersed to their various routes we opted for a short explore before lunch, and then rode the Red Bull in the afternoon. That was excellent… good riding all the way round, and a good number of rocky sections that were soooooooo much fun!

Contrary to Roger’s opinion I picked a perfectly good, well sized pub; Roger just isn’t scary enough to frighten off the people sat at the next table. Besides, it was cold, close to the car and we wanted a drink! :slight_smile:

And then the sunday…

The slog up Snowdon was seriously steep in places, but the thought that soon we’d be riding at high speed back down all these fun looking rocky bits drove us to the top. Going down was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! Indubitably a most agreeable use of gravity karma. Massive, continous sections of just the right combination of slope and rocks made for fantastic fun, screaming down and flying over drops and bumps. Absolutely brilliant.

Alas, after a short break at the bottom we set off for home. An excellent way to slowly wind down after a serious ride, no doubt; driving from Snowdon to Somerset with a half an hour stopover in Shrewsbury as John caught his train and a few loo breaks at service stations. My legs aren’t half stiff today! I got home at about 11pm, put the muni safely away and collapsed into bed.

Now I need some replacement pedals, after the bearings turned into grit on the way down Snowdon. The muni being frozen solid on Sunday morning probably didn’t help… damn it was cold! The tent was covered in ice, and the zip was frozen… :slight_smile:

Definitely a most enjoyable weekend indeed. Thanks, Joe!


yeh thanks jo good job

sounds like everyone enjoyed themself then

shame mike and luke turned back earlier, did u still enjoy it?


We got left too far behind so decided to only go as far as Halfway House. We had great fun coming back down and Chris joined as too.

We got a spectacular view of Roger “floating” over the rocky path and were encouraged to try going faster with some good results.

We also saw Joe, Phil & John coming down together and Luke got swept along with their enthusiasm, matching their speed for a while.

Excellent weekend, thanks to Joe for organising it.

A hot drink at the halfway house cafe was a good idea (thanks Mike). Just as we were leaving to head down, Roger the one wheeled hovercraft whooshed by. He was so fast and silent that Mike commented that had we been inside, we’d have missed him. The proprietor of the cafe, who had stepped outside to empty a bin, was duly impressed.

Thanks again Joe for organizing.

Sounds like you all had a good time, wish I could of been there for the rides though I was enjoying rather better weather in the Canaries :slight_smile: Speaking of which has anyone ridden on any of the Canary islands? I saw some great descents that have (probably) not been ridden on a uni, wish I’d taken a uni with me :frowning:

Cheers, Gary