Back From Summer Busyness

Whoah! I can not even begin to tell you all how busy my summer has been. Aside from doing A LOT of performing, I have just had a lot of things to do. I will be coming back to RSU now, and posting just like I had in the past (responding to every post regardless of whether or not I have something constructive to say).

Ahh, Its good to be back!

How did the Ren-Fair gig go? Lace any bodeces?


I didnt get that gig, but I am SOOOO glad that I didnt!. Because of not having the bind of the ren faire, I got to do a lot of other, cooler stuff.
I have been Performing at a local magic shop doing juggling and fire eating shows, I have taken a bunch of physical theatre workshops, I attended the international juggling festival, and more importantly, I have been making a heap of $$$ doing street performing.
I will soon be apearing at the Bindlestiff Family Circus. Its like vaudeville, circus, sideshow, and burlesque all rolled into one. You may have seen them on HBO’s “Real Sex” Check them out at

UniDak,your back

now there will be balance in the force.