Back from Oahu & Maui

Well, they say all good things must come to an end, and today it did (vacation over) But with a KH29 / perfect weather and being on vacation, it was a great trip. In Oahu Danni (Critter) and I went riding around Kaena Point and fortunately Danni had a tube patch kit with him cause I went all the way to the Islands with a spare tube and a tire pump thinking I was prepared, then forgot the tube back at the hotel, but we got the patches on and rode on (beware of running the Kenda Klaw 29 at low pressure) then I was of to Maui and some locals turned me on to some trails above Kaanapali where the views and the riding was great.
Then there is Mt. Haleakala crater, a popular downhill bike ride on blacktop decending from 10,000 feet but I’m not much for 2 wheels so I took the 29er to the the top, took a few pics and rode on down while the wife and daughter hiked and did some sightseeing and eventually met me about 8 miles down the road.
If you ever make it to Maui take the trip to the Haleakala Crater on the way up you pass through the clouds and once you reach the summit at 10,023ft above sea level it feels like the top of the world looking down at the clouds and into the volcano, technically Mt. Haleakala is 28,000+ feet if you start at its base on the ocean floor
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Sounds like alot of fun. I’ve hiked to the top of haleakala and it was amazing! If I ever go again I’ll talk my dad into letting me take my muni. How did you transport your muni?

Just took of the pedals and seat post, stuffed it in a box and no problems

Sounds like a great vacation! Did you ride up Haleakala, or just down? That’s on my to-do wish list as one of the longest uphill rides on the planet.

No, only rode down a bit, although I would like to try it on the 29er with a big apple tire instead of the nobby tire, maybe next year I will plan a day to myself and attempt the uphill.
I already miss the sunshine and warm weather, dont know if I can wait til next year

Actually I think it’s supposed to be one of the shortest, in terms of going from sea level to 10,000’. But maybe you mean longest in that it’s almost a constant slope all the way. On the downhill bike ride, there’s only about 400 meters of level/uphill where you have to pedal the bike.

Sounds like great rides on both islands! Haleakala sounds like it might be a little scary, as the road is narrow, a unicycle is slow, and most of the cars passing you are rentals with tourists at the wheel. Not sure if I would enjoy that except on a fast uni. The trails I rode on that mountain were up a separate road. Nice MUni, but not much to do for the rest of the family while you ride, unless they like to hike.

Can you tell us more about the trails you rode near Kaanapali?