Back from Iraq on R&R leave.............

I pulled the giraffe out and dusted her off. I can still ride it will little effort.-

Once I get back to Iraq, flying on Sunday, I have two Iraqi school visits to look forward too. I am going to be taking my Coker and 24" Torker to ride for the kids. A pogo stick company has also donated 24 different pogo sticks, kids T-Shirts, hats and bounce balls for me to give out to the kids. It should be quite a great time.

awsome. sounds like what i would like to do if i ever got in the army or aiforurce(most likely not)

was it the same company who donated the 2 pogo sticks to you? those ones that went really high? well thats awsome. hope you have a safe trip back.

I solute you:)

thats cool about the schools

YES! It was FLYBAR. They have me on there web page too as the December Flybar give away winner. Great company and people. They sent me over $2K worth of stuff for the Iraqi kids. :sunglasses: