Back from BUC

Hi all,

I hope you all had a great weekend, and a safe journey home.

The weather was great, the trials course Yoggi and Vince built was ace, the hockey was good and fast, and the Muni ride was just class!

All my 276 pictures will be on the net asap, but without Java it may take awhile…!

Also, it was cool to meet up with the guys I talk to on here and MSN. You know who you are!

I must also thank Mike for building up my wheel in time for the Muni ride, and Sarah for bringing long the projector so we could watch some videos, and for making some cool unicycle window stickers!

When I get a bit of time, I will post the Trials competition results, maybe the freestyle ones, and give you a link to my pic (when they are up)


i couldn’t make it :frowning:

I know, Tree! Did you get my email?

So, North… Did you actaully do that 16footer? I was out all day sunday on a muni. I also missed your freestlye routine… was it good?

OWS, Who are you? I think you might have told me who you are, but I forgot!

Grrr… Java still aint working…

Please post links to your pics (if you have any) on this thread… cheers,


Some pics by me at <> under BUC 2004


My photos are up at
There’s a few photos of people who I can’t put names to. I’ll change the captions if anyone wants.


T’was indeed a great weekend!

I particularly enjoyed the trialsy bits… other than the random pile at the last BUC that was probably the first time I’ve ridden trials without risking the withering glares and damnation of people who disapprove. It was nice to be able to pedal grab all over the place guilt free… :slight_smile:

The trials competition had a really great atmosphere… lots of people watching, and seeing Joe, Si and Yoggi ride the third round course was so tense.

Aaron, Iain (1 or 2 'i’s?) and I decided we might as well give the third stage a try… we didn’t finish it, but the support from the people watching was incredible. I managed to do some stuff I had never done before, and came away with 4th place… :slight_smile:

The muni was excellent, the highlight being watching Yoggi do trials at the top of Roseberry Topping… big drops with VERY big drops if it went wrong, and loads of random walkers watching too. Great fun!

We were fortunate with the weather, too; this is my first sunburn of the year… :slight_smile:

Two more t-shirts to add to the collection… the excellent BUC11 t-shirt and one I made myself the morning before setting off, with my legoman picture on it. Came in handy…

Definitely worth the 14 hours in the car to get there and back, and the difficulty of walking anywhere today!


Can anyone explain the following photo:

Have you never seen anyone bounce a two-wheeled giraffe on their head before? :slight_smile:

That was Roger and Rocket’s two-wheeler routine in the show. Connie, in the middle, was about to give Roger a shoulder to lean on, I think.


and the two wheeler and the juggling rings were hanging from the lights…


Connie Cotter was there! Cool. Any other colonists make it over?

One of these years I’m going to have to make it over to the U.K. for the convention.

Yeah, Connie was there! She is great!
She was staying with Roger, s also came to Hockey on Thursday before the convention.

I’m not sure what a Colonist is, but I think it is someone from far away (maybe??). In that case, Yoggi came over from France with his mates Vincent and John (John arrived on Saturday). There was the guy from Sweden (sorry - I don’t know your name!) and a couple of Belgian guys - again, sorry for not knowing your names!

I was not aware of any other ‘colonists’. Maybe someone else was…

John, it would be great to have you over to the BUC some time!


Someone from one of the 13 Colonies over here in the Americas. :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the weekend, and so did the rest of my family. One of the things I like about weekend meets is that you have more time to socialize, rather than zoom off at the end of the day. It was a good convention - a big thanks to all the organisers and volenteers for their hard work and efforts in making this year’s BUC a success. Thanks.

Apart from watching Tio clown around on stage after the show, the hi-light was that wonderful muni ride through Guisbourgh forest - nice one Roger.

I hope to see a lot of you soon up in Manchester for the next uni meet, which is on Sat 22nd May. I will of course bring along all the trials bits and pieces.

See you there.


BUC was yet again great this year!

The food provided was much better than expected and despite some problems with the sleeping arrangements it was all good fun!

I think the most memorable for everyone is the Trails set up, Im no trials rider myself but its become increasingly popular in the UK and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I think it is a tough example to beat for next year, so well done to yoggie for setting it up!

I have heard lots of comments about excellant Muni and as i did not manage to go on the muni will think about taking a look at it some time in the future!

Has there been any thoughts on where it is going to be next year?

i dont think north did anything on sunday, as i believe his ankle was still a bit sore, from the beach, he came over to talk to s but we were all tired and the conversation was dead so he went home.
i wouldnt say his freestyle routine was good, but respect for entering without any real idea of what he was doing and not caring if he couldnt land tricks.

yeah was very good, and thats gotta be the most and best trials I’ve done in one day compared to the rest of the year! Well done everyone, oh and especially Roger for ‘helping out’, if you were helping out Roger who was organising it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic weekend!

I’m still feeling it though. I could barely walk yesterday, a little better today but not ready to get back on a Uni. The muni ride was the highlight of the weekend, especially as there were so many of us.

I’ve been editing the video of the trials comp, so I should be able to post some of it to the gallery soon, and some of the show, and the hockey. If people want any/all of the videos on DVD I’ll do that for the cost of the disc.


Hi Paul - check your email!

What I forgot to put in the email was that I would like a copy of ALL the video(s) of the weekend. I’ll sort that out with you later.

As for my pictures, I installed Java, and it works, but it is so slow! I am currently uploading the pictures using the form! :roll_eyes:
Anyways, they can be found in my buc11 gallery

Also, I have put up the Trials Results from the competition up.


Yes it was a good weekend, The event was organised well and they had food that we didnt have to travel far to get which was nice compared to BUC 9.
I wil have some pics up of BJC and BUC once ive got my computer sorted out completly.


Great weekend, the only bad things were that it went too quick and it’s a year ‘till the next BUC :frowning: And I can’t even make the next unimeet (quad riding that weekend).

I was so busy riding that I only managed to take two photos so please post any you have to the gallery, thanks to those who already have.

I managed to crack a couple of skills over the weekend too, thanks in part to Connie Cotter, and even did some back flips/somersaults (of sorts) thanks to Trev.

The Muni ride was excellent but did show me that my inactivity over the winter has had its toll, must get into shape.

I’ll PM you Paul about the video footage Re. our Muni conversation.

Too many good things to list, thanks go to all the organisers.

Cheers, Gary