Back for more!

Hi all,

Its been ages since I was on here, but I’m back to give it another shot.

Probably a long winded post, but here goes anyway.

I originally started trying to learn roughly a year ago after my wife bought me a budget uni saying if I learnt she’d treat me to a nice one :sunglasses:
I didn’t get much time to practice due to work and family, but I did fit little bits in when I could.
I was looking forward to the summer holidays as work gets quiet then (I work within an education environment) so I planned to take it with me and practice at work, which I did, sort of.

I was still very very new. Could only do a couple pedal strokes but on the first day at work I got to about 5 or 6. Nothing for most people but I felt good about it.
Second day at work felt good. It almost felt like it “clicked” and I was doing much better and feeling more comfortable. Then it all came to an abrupt end when after a small off the seat broke into several pieces.

I fully intended to replace it but wanted to do a little homework as to what seat to get before buying as I found that one really chaffed on my inner thighs. But time seemed to fly and before I knew it the holidays were over and I never bought one.

It is now about 8 months since and after a tidy at work, which is where my uni has lived since, I saw the uni looking at me sadly from the corner and decided it was time to try again.
I’ve always wanted to do this and I’m kicking myself that I never got sorted. I often wonder how well I would of been doing by now. I was going to pay a local club (JUST) a visit until it all went wrong too. :frowning:

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be buying a new seat (when I decide, but not letting my decision drag on like before) and I’m hoping I can be half decent for this summer holidays so I can really enjoy this.

Anyway, I don’t really know why I’m posting this. I’m not sure if its for help/advice, encouragement, to get it off my chest or simply to stay in touch with the comUNIty, but I’m doing it anyway.

Let’s hope second time round I manage to make more progress this time.

All the best, Mark

EDIT: After previewing my post I noticed my signature, which I had forgotten. How appropriate it is and how silly I now feel.

Good to hear from you again.

Get back on & learn to ride. :slight_smile:

It’s never too late, go for it - you won’t regret :smiley:
Good luck, and keep posting about your progress!

Have fun,

Good enough reason right there to get back into it;)

When you buy a new saddle try to make sure that it is compatible with your old seat post.

Thanks for the reply’s and words of encourafement.

As for the seat matching the post, im going to be getting a longer seat post anyway. I found that the last one was too far out to get to where it was the right height to the point that it would twist as there wasnt enough grip.
I’ll keep the shorter one for the children should they decide to give it a go.

Ill just be getting a cheap seat for now as id rather save the money for a better uni in the future. Probably one fo the UDC club ones or maybe one of the Nimbus gel ones as then the kh stiffening plate will work. Just dont want to spend too much when it will no doubt take a good bashing.

Well UDC get their next shipment in the begining of April so I have been told, so it will be a few weeks before I can get any replacement parts. At least I’ll have made my mind up by then :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a lightly used UDC learner saddle you could have for the cost of postage if you want something to tide you over…can’t get to the PO before Friday afternoon though…:slight_smile:

PM sent.

Well thanks to a very generous JoJoxie (cheers Jo, your a gent) and a new seat post I’m back learning again.

I never managed to get far the first time as the seat broke early on, so I’m basically like total beginer again. The seat is much better than the previous one which is nice as I don’t have the tendency to squash the important bits every time I mount.

Only had about a half hour at work. Tyre pressure was way too low but only had a cheap pump with me and the pressure would drop too quick every time I tried to unscrew it.
I would mount the uni then hold onto the handle of a pallet truck. This way I could ride quite happily in a straight line, pushing the truck in front of me, though turning was hard and unsupported only gave a couple pedal strokes before an off.

In all though it felt good to be back on and this long interlude has only made me more determined as I now realise what I’ve been missing!