Back flip on a quarter pipe?

I was wondering if it is possible to do a back flip of a quarter pipe? Furthermore i was wondering how many people ride and do tricks on a quarter/half pipe. I recently got into this type of riding and was wondering if anyone come suggest some tricks…because otherwise it is pretty boring.

Well you would have to going fast enough to get into air. The only way I can think of doing it would be to coast down a hill into the pipe so you have lots of speed…

are you just talking about uniing or other sports also? :thinking:

Probably unicycling since this is a unicycling forum and tons of others extremesports do backflips off quarterpipes… :roll_eyes:

well ya it could be possibly done but first lets ee someone just get enough air off a quarter pipe to do it :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

You need to be going very fast but that’s not the only problem. The position of you and the unicycle would make the back flip awkward. On a bike you have different weight distibution. Nice to see it done, but I don’t believe it’s possible.

Re: Back flip on a quarter pipe?

I’ve launched up about a 6-ft. quarter-pipe on my Coker and landed on the ledge after getting a bit of air… I couldn’t imagine being able to do a backflip for various reasons… but the inability to coast (and remain stable)… is probably the biggest factor.

I really enjoy riding skateparks because I can ride to the top of 8 - 12 ft. straight ramps and do a 180 spin and ride back down… it’s a pretty cool sensation and can be done pretty easily on a Coker.

For me it’s more about just being able to ride various challenging lines at skateparks (which is what Rolling Trials is all about… so you can search that topic for other threads and see photos of skatepark lines, if you’re interested). One cool line (there’s a photo of it in one of the “ESPN skatepark…” threads) is to ride up a spine ramp and get air, do a 90 degree turn in the air and land on the spine, ride along the spine, and then drop off the other side. An even more difficult (but doable) trick would be doing an aerial 360 over the spine. There are tons more tricks you could do at a skatepark, as well. You may want to check out the video Frank’s (Hell on Wheel) girlfriend Wendy shot at the ESPN skatepark of Frank and some of the guys from SWAT and UnicyclePA ( There are plenty of tricks you can do… I’ll try to add some others when I have more time.


360 on a coker?your insane.

my bro can get up a 5 foot quarter pipe on his MUni, and get air… However, before doing the backflip, he would have to be able to do one off the ground… (not happening)

I think a backflip is possible (though not for me). It’s probably even possible to do on flat ground, given how high some people can jump. It would take quite a bit of work on the one specific skill, since it’s so different than anything else we do on our unicycles. But really, what is so different about a uni backflip compared to a BMX backflip, which is a fairly minor skill in the BMX world? You tuck a little and bring the uni over your head; it’s just a matter of staying in the air long enough and sticking the landing, and I don’t think either of those are out of the reach of the top trials guys.

i think it could me done mabey on a big drop

Search for “backflip.”

I wonder if Jeff or Ryan could do it on a BC wheel… hmm… that seems a bit more plausible than on a real unicycle, because of the attainable speeds. but sticking it would be hard, I think.

Haven’t people done backflips off kicker ramps before? Im positive I’ve heard at least one person saying how they tried and landed it but were so surprised they didnt stick it…

Unicycles need coasting hubs before we can think about backflips, but a BC wheel is something to think about.

I figured you would ride up the ramp untill you couldn’t go any further. At this point your body wants to fall, so if you still pedal forward, you will rotate upside-down… It’s just a thought.

anyone crazy enough to try it yet?

supposedly this guy did.

Yeah thats the thread I was talking about before…backflipped off a 4ft kicker, did the full flip, tire hit the ground, leaning too far back, fell on his @$$.
Catboy you said you were going to try nail a backflip off a trampoline…any luck?

id say hes makin that sh*t up… dont think you could ever get enough hangtime from a 4ft kicker (pretty big kicker), especially the way he describes it… also at 13, the fantasys of children’s stories are losing effect and reality is kicking in, probably why he has never posted a video of it.