Back after a few years! NY, USA

What’s your name? Jeremy

Where do you come from? NY, USA

What is your experience of unicycling? Learned about 7 years ago and now back after a 3 year break. 42 years old.

Thanks for having me back. Been Mountain biking, Road Cycling, motorcycle commuting and adventuring, playing with RC and Drones for the last few years.

Friday night I picked up a 20" Sun to relearn on as a 42nd birthday present for myself. Also yesterday I snagged a brand new Nimbus Oracle 26" on FB Marketplace.
Can’t wait to share my progress and see other again! Happy riding.


Hi @Standupnfall and welcome back! :wave:

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Nice! Welcome!

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Welcome back!

Turns out it’s a 24 lol. But still awesome and never ridden until I’ve put a couple miles on it so far. Weird that it has not one scratch on it, the guy said he got it in a trade.

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Been riding everyday since 10/24 and built out my stable a bit
29 Nimbus Road with HS33 Brake
24 Nimbus Oracle with Disc Brake
20 Impact Athmos Trials
20 Sun basic freestyle for indoor idle practice, etc…

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