back 2 two unicycles not 3

For those of us who have more than one unicycle…
I shipped my 36 Nimbus Nightrider off to a fellow unicyclist.

Down to two unicycles a 20" and my beloved 29".
It was obvious that I wasn’t riding the 36" but … miss the fact it’s now gone.

Anyway, we do what we must and try new things.
I will miss the 36" and hope the new owner enjoys it.

Time to focus on the 20" for skills and drills and 29 for cruzing and every thing else.

Time to buy a new uni !:stuck_out_tongue:

: ( you got rid of her? the glorious queen? you threw her out with the trash!?!?!?!?!
:’( I are very disappoint.

36 + 20

I only have two : ) seems to work for me, I’d like a 29er for the trails though

I could slim down, but not to 2! I have a 36, 29 muni, 24 muni, 24 street, and 20 trials with a 24 geared wheelset in the mail.

You are going to love your 24 Guni.

I slimmed down on my learners. I gave away a 26 Torker and a 20 Torker. Loaned out the Nimbus muni and the Coker. Now I ride the Kh 36, 29, 24, and my new 26 Guni. I have friends that try to decide which shoes to wear with which outfit. I have to decide which uni/muni for which ride. What a terrible dilemma ;).

wait, how many people here don’t have a good 20" freestyle? :’( isn’t that . . . like. . . the original cool uni? I know it takes a while to get good at, but totally worth the effort. I’m going to be getting gliding soon, and it’s awesome. Just seems like there isn’t as much to do on a trials. . . I mean. . . you can hop better, but it hurts everything else.

I’ve still got my club freestyle, but my freestyle skills just about extend to 1 foot wheelwalking, i have no need for it!
Trials uni’s are generally better for trials riding :wink: whether that be hopping, dropping or riding skinnys and stuff :smiley:
I have my 20" club freestyle (learner) my customified nimbus trials and a custom muni/street 24" (kh05 frame, custom wheelset :p)
happy times
im sure you’ll have another uni soon enough legtod2


Title says it all Two is enough for me unless I get a geared hub.


I’ve thought about a freestyle - but my uni closet is full.

I have 4 unis…

A cheap 20" that I screw around with occasionally at work. 24" Torker that was a step up but I have barely touched it since I got a 29" Nimbus touring uni. Most recently I built a 29" KH Muni that is awesome!

I still ride both the 29ers almost exclusively. Probably will get a decent freestyle 20" one day…

bigger closet? : P

no 36? : ( sad times

i have 4…

Torker lx 26’’
Nimbus trials 20’’
Some cheap 20’’ i got for 30 bucks. :roll_eyes:
Torker cx 16 (my little digger) :smiley:

In time…I am on a low money diet! I have yet to ride a 36 but I really do want to check one out. :slight_smile:

I could go down to 3… I really dont need all my 9 unis :stuck_out_tongue: I only ride 3 of them, and sometimes my BC wheel and my giraffe.