baby names, unicycles & Kris Holm


I found this humorous or maybe “you just had to be there”:

At dinner my wife and I were telling the kids that we had more than likely narrowed down the name of our 3rd boy. We told them it might be Christian Scott Wylie.
Karl, who is five, says, “What?”

We repeat the name and say that we could call him, Chris, for short.

Karl Responds, " You mean, Kris Holm."

I busted up, rolled my eyes and groaned. Unicycles in the Wylie household - too much watching of UNiverse.

Re: baby names, unicycles & Kris Holm

I hope this third boy is on the way and not already here waiting for a name.

Sounds reasonable to me: Christian or Kris after Holm and Scott after Scott Bridgman.

Good thing the Wylies already unicycle, otherwise he would have to be something like Kris Scott Harper Childs Foss.:slight_smile:

Congratulations on the expected bundle of joy. Two kids are twice as much work as one, three kids are twice as much work as two because they now outnumber you and your wife. I hear four isn’t much busier than two but I’ll never know that from experience.