[B]kris holm seat numbered dials????[/B]

I looked underneath the seat and on the rear end there are two dials like clocks, one on each side. One is pointed to 9 out of 12 and another at 10 that goes from 08-13 i believe. What are they? I can only guess sept 2010 for production but thats an odd way to put it down.

You are correct. Kris isn’t the only manuf. who does this… you can find such dials on many molded plastic products.

If you find it odd, you’re welcome to design another cost-effective way to imprint a date code on a plastic molding. Keep in mind it needs to be easily adjustable, and tolerate high heat, high pressure, and resist the various chemicals used to keep the molds from sticking to the plastics.

In the meantime, get your own mold here! http://www.plastixs.com/mc02.html :slight_smile:

Haha wow. What the hell man?! Do you manufacture them as well? A link to the date stamp for plastic molding. Now that ia knowing ur uni.
You bring up a good point. I suppose i was hoping on something more interesting that a manufacture date.