"b*ke" - WTF?

Bike. Bicycle. Ooh, I said it. Bikes aren’t evil, and even if they were it’s still just a word. What’s with the asterix so commonly used around here? :thinking:

Hmm, could have been bake, boke, or even “buke” or “beke”. :smiley:

Dont want to be shunned for using that evil word. :sunglasses:

It’s ironic. That is when you pretend to say or imply one thing but mean another, and the contrast is intended to create a rhetorical effect - typically, but not always, engendering amusement in the reader or listener.

So for example by typing “b*ke” instead of “bike” one pretends to subscribe to an elitist attitude amongs unicyclists, which in reality is either non existent or very nearly so. Collectively, we pretend to despise bikes, whilst actually having no strong feelings towards them.

Irony was invented in the United States of America in the 1950s and exported to Europe along with rock and roll and hamburgers. It is now widely appreciated as a vernacular artform, even as far afield as the United Kingdom, although often in a post modernist sort of way.

Epic reply is very Epic : P

it’s all fun and games, I rode bikes before uni, and unicycles took the place of b*kes. My brother still rides with a training wheel. I love them simply because they’re FAST but I just can’t give up the feeling of a unicycle, it feels even more natural now that I’ve been riding for half a year on the 36er.

No it wasn’t. Irony is an adjective. It is used to describe the metallicosity of an object. For example, when describing a locomotive, we may say that “It is big and irony…”:smiley:

I…I love bikes…There, I’ve said it now, and it’s such a relief. I feel good.

I hadnt ridden a bike in years when I got back on a uni. I still havent gotton the chance to try one out again. If someone offered me to ride one, I would probably look around for any nearby unicyclists so I didnt have to worry about being ashamed. :slight_smile: I almost want to ride a bike.

unicycling would be a thousand times more difficult if we didnt know how to ride a bike first.

Bkes are fun too… but I’m staying on my uni for sure, I go ride in Ottawa with some Bike Trials riders and I love to try their bkes, but I dont want to invest in bkes even if I find those Trials Bkes really fun… Unis are better IMO:p

I really have no idea what people have against bikes. I am a dedicated unicyclist, but I am also on the juniors team of the Alta Alpina cycling club and I go on road and mountain bike rides with them.:slight_smile:

It’s kinda just a joke. I’m pretty sure noone here really thinks bikes are evil or bad.

Exactly! B*kes aren’t evil. The people who ride them are.

It’s hard to trust a man with two wheels. It’s just not natural.

I may have to quote you here next time I get the “one wheel” or “half-a-bike” comment.

I don’t ride my b*ke too often anymore, but it sure is fun when I’m limited on time and want to get a quick workout. It’s fun flying downhill.

U*is can be fun!

I laughed :smiley:

Bkes aren’t evil. Fxies, now those things are evil.


Yes, we are…

Using “b*ke” is pretty lame, sorry.
This is also the internet, so there is no body language or anything else really to indicate sarcasm.

Bashing another’s passion is never funny. Pay your respects to those who push their sport.

that’s debatable but a topic best left for another thread :wink:

I love the fact that we can have a bit of a joke with b*kes, ofcourse I don’t have anything against them…it’s fun to throw the training wheel back on and cruise around every now and then :stuck_out_tongue:

Razor scooters on the other hand…shudder