B!cycle Giraffe?

I know a while back a saw a picture of a bike which had been converted into a giraffe unicycle.
I think all they had done was taken off the front wheel, forks and handlebars and replaced it with a seat. But what I can’t remeber is if they had slightly modified the frame and added an extra bit so the seat would be directly above the pedals, instead of slightly of centre of them, which is what would happen if you hadn’t modified the frame. So what im wondering does anybody have/know where I can find this picture? Because I would be interested in trying something similar.


It doesn’t have a picture but it does give a “SHORT” description.

I’ve seen some giraffe bicycles here …

They mount them from the crossbar :slight_smile:

I never seem to have my camera thou …

Ouch! :astonished:

Thanks - that was what I was thinking of!

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