B.C. Wheel Limbo

After a night of mostly practicing high jump and B.C. wheel I had this idea to try some B.C. wheel limbo. It turned out to be pretty fun. I don’t recall ever seeing it done before, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan and Jeff have tried it, and I’m sure John Foss will regale us with tales of people doing it in the early eighties. :wink:

Regardless, you can check out a short video of Devon and I practicing - it’s the first item in my gallery: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/creakywheel


kewl idea
i can imagine straight uni-limbo to be more than enough of a challenge
i’ll pass on the BC offer, thanx


There will be some BC wheel events at TOque.

I have some tall aluminum high jump poles we
can use for BC limbo. Bring your wheel.

See you soon,

That’s awesome Darren. Can’t wait to see what you have in store. Less than a week away! Boo yeah!


Re: B.C. Wheel Limbo

Nice video…looks like lots of fun. Maybe you should spice it up with the real “Limbo Song”. (Hoping link below works…)


Re: Re: B.C. Wheel Limbo

Sweetness. I thought about putting it to some limbo music but I got too lazy to actually go and find some. Oh well, maybe for the extended edition. :slight_smile:


Anybody played musical unicycles?..like musical chairs except when the music stops you gotta mount and ride the uni closest to you…Great fun with beginners and intermediate unicyclists…Even better if you’ve got different types of unis from Cokers to 16" to a Kangaroo wheel…
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Nice limbo idea…

That looks like the BC Wheel Crouch. Have you tried it in true Limbo form too? Cool nevertheless.

{Threadjack}Great idea. An alternative would be to ride the unicycles around the chairs, dismount and sit on chair when the music stops. UPDs or early dismounts DQ the rider. {End Threadjack}