b.c wheel help

i was thinking about making one but is it possible 2 learn one by ur self?

To learn to ride it by yourself? Of course, that’s what I did. Are you making a small curvy axle height peg one or a nice platform one?

To learn to ride it I found rails at about 5’ are really good. Grab on with both hands and have fun.


i dnno but i got a spare dx 32 lol!

The tip that doubled my distance the first time I tried it was ‘jump on it in a sumo-like pose’

This helps you land softer on the platforms, lowers your centre of gravity, and already has your arms and hips ready to balance without any notice

I’m making one myself, I have big “oversized” pegs I’m cutting in half so I wont be rolling off like I was before. So far I have one finished its kinda hard because im working with only a hacksaw.