B.C. wheel + handles + bin equals...

Wheelbarrow freestyle. Yes, folks, more practical than cone freestyle, yet twice as silly:


You heard it here first, folks.


Re: B.C. wheel + handles + bin equals…

Dude, dude, dude, in your dreams. :wink:


Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


… okay, what else can someone do on one wheel?

Tom Miller made a unicycle out of a wheelbarrow in 1983. I don’t have a digital picture of it… It was quite a silly vehicle. You had to not lean forward too much, because this would cause the back end to go down and the skids to scrape the ground.

More practical?!


If you fall over and hurt yourself on a cone you’re always safe in the knowlege that you won’t get run over thanks to the automatic traffic warning properties of your chosen steed.

I’ll not have a word said against coneing :slight_smile:


Yes, but let’s not forget that the wheelbarrow provides a convenient method of transporting dismembered limbs and disabled comrades…


Here is a grainy pic of the wheelbarrow unicycle from TUF