[B][/B]torker dx frame vs nimbus ll vs nimbus round top

im currently riding a torker dx and want to put a new frame on i like the look of the nimbus ll as i can get in some jazzy colours but i also bash my shin on my flat top frame at the moment so the round top is also an option i have heard that the round top is stronger what do you people think i should get or should i just stick with the torker frame>>

cheers alex

get the nimbus.

If i recall correctly, the numbus frames don’t cost much so you may as well get one to see what you prefer (although they do definitely look better :D)

Did you ship a torker dx over to the UK from america or something? :thinking:

yer ahhah i like it though but then again i havent ridden anything else but i fancy a colur change and the dx frame is quite heavy wht would you say flat top or round??

You bash your knees/legs significantly less with Even the Nimbus II frame compared to the DX frame. If you think you are going to do any sort of flatland you should get the Nimbus II. If you are a strictly trials rider or a street rider who has no interest on foot on crown tricks then go round. Stuff like gliding and certain one footed tricks are still possible on rounds, its just a bit trickier.

yer i am a trilas and street flat land doesnt realy interest me and if i ever get into it i cna just put the dx frame back on

The round crown nimbus will fit better as well. You would need bearing shims if you were to get the Nimbus II because as far as I know, all the Nimbus II frames UDC US has are made for 42mm bearings whereas their Nimbus Round frames are made for 40mm bearings which the DX uses.

well in the end i got the red nimbus round top it looks great i am happy with my choice

Great! Thanks for filling us in.

i might even attempt to to uploads ome pictures>> do you know how?

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get the nimbus, better quality and less weight

hures i couldnt get the photo bucket thing to work :thinking:




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