Azonic Momentum DH rim

So I hit the LBS for some incoming products of mine, and showing its face is the new Azonic Momentum rim. Just holding it you can feel its heft. They did a good job on machining the weld across the rim and the braking surface looks great. They powder coated the top and under side of the rim black, there are no eyelets. I couldn’t find my micrometer so measurements are by tape. Width 44MM, tire bead width (ID) 35MM, Heigth 25MM. It has an ERD of 531 and weighs a whopping 1136 grams on a digital scale. If it wasn’t for the weight, it would be the perfect rim. I am waiting for a Profile setup for building so it’ll be a few days to actually test the rim. Retails for $120USD.


Pencil points out the location of the weld on outside of the rim.