Az Muni Weekend

Is it getting cold where you live?
Join us for AZ-Muni Weekend Feb. 18-21

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Is the Holbert trail similar to Porcupine Rim in Moab? Also, it looks like Holbert is best done as a shuttle, will there be some sort of group shuttle happening?

Hi, I am planning on attending, but I have a question whose answer cannot be found on your website. What will the t shirt design be? I’d like to know before I register as a buyer. THanks.

EDIT: Actually, i’ll just buy it anyway. I will appreciate the surprise.

AZ Muni Weekend

Great to know you are interested!

Yes we will shuttle Holbert. It is all downhill, a thinner trail than porcupine rim more sustained in difficulty (as I recall - it’s been a while since I did porcupine rim) It reminds me a bit of ‘Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride’ in Northern CA - But I did that a long time ago too!

The shirt should (still working with the printer) have the image… oh … wait… you wanted it to be a surprise:p

If I were to come for only one day, which day should I choose?

I’d come on Saturday if I could only do one day. However, I am partial to South Mountain trails.

Which day to come

It depends upon what your skill level and fitness level are. The intermediate trails will be fairly similar but the south mountain one will be more sandy. Regarding the advanced trails, we will shuttle the south mountain day this is a technical trail with very little loose rock, just drops etc…, the Dreamy draw day will be a loop with more uphill climbing (mostly ride-able) just as technical but the rock is looser.

So I guess my brother and I can’t ride saturday because of some lifeguarding classes scheduled recently (which is a total bummer), but we’ll still be able to go sunday, and most likely down for some basketball friday, too.

I will be flying in and staying at the Innsuites hotel listed on the AZ muni website. I am wondering if I will need a rental car. Is anyone staying at the hotel that could give me a lift to the riding events or is there anyone local who can give me a ride? Thanks.

AZ Muni Weekend Video

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-See you all next year!