AZ Muni Weekend Feb 18-19-20

Arizona Muni Weekend Febuary 18-19-29
go to Website for more info ArizonaUnicycleClub.Com

I really want to attend this one!

I really want a pony!

Take your pick: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to wait for before I choose mine.

I really want to go to this event, but it’s not going to be possible again this year… :frowning:

Edit: Little did I realize, there already is a website called They don’t sell ponies, but I wasn’t expecting my little URL up there to turn itself into a link!

I am thinking about coming to this. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to stay or what area would be best to look in? Thanks.

AZ Muni Weekend

If you go to the Website and click on events it will bring up information
about the event schedule and hotel info.

They have a hotel listed on their webpage: